UNESA Journal of Chemistry
ISSN : 2252-8180

Unesa Journal of  Chemistry terbit 3 kali setahun memuat artikel ilmiah  bidang kimia  yang berasal dari hasil penelitian dan  hasil review artikel jurnal internasional
Publication Information:

UNESA Journal of Chemistry is published  online by the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of  Mathematics and  Natural Sciences,  Surabaya State University, located at Jl Ketintang, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. 60231. Published 3 times a year (January, May and September)


Aims and Scope:

UNESA Journal of Chemistry is online Journal covering all aspects of Chemistry.  The journal publishes original research paper and review articles.


Editor in Chief :

Dr. Sari Edi C, M.Si               Email : muhacahya@yahoo.co.id

Department of Chemistry,  Faculty of  Mathematics and  Natural Sciences,  Surabaya State University, located at  Jl Ketintang, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. 60231.

Website: http://www.fmipa.unesa.ac.id

Email   : unesa.j.chem@gmail.com           (for article submission)


Vice Editor in Chief:

Dina Kartika Maharani, S.Si, M.Sc                Email:dkmaharani@gmail.com

Rusly Hidayah, S.Si, M.Pd                             Email:ruslyhidayah@yahoo.com


Editorial Board:

Prof. Dr. Leny Yuanita, M. Kes ( Biochemistry)

Prof. Dr. Suyatno, M.Si (Organic Chemistry)

Dr. Toeti Kustiari (Physical Chemistry)

Dr. Tukiran, M.Si ( Organic Chemistry)

Dr. IGM Sanjaya, M.Si (Physical Chemistry)

Dr. Pirim Setiarso, M.Si (Analytical Chemistry)

Dr. Prima Retno  Wikandari, M.Si (Biochemistry)

Dr. Nuniek Herdyastuti, M.Si ( Biochemistry)

Dra. Amaria, M.Si (Inorganic Chemisty)