The Commercium The Commercium Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi yang merupakan jurnal online untuk mahasiswa yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi S1 Ilmu Komunikasi UNESA. Jurnal yang terbit empat bulan sekali ini memuat hasil-hasil penelitian di bidang Ilmu Komunikasi mencakup : Komunikasi Pemasaran, Komunikasi Pembangunan dan Manajemen Media ISSN : 2809-591X Universitas Negeri Surabaya en-US The Commercium 2809-591X RESEPSI GURU SEKOLAH DASAR TERHADAP PROGRAM GURUKU SBO TV Guruku SBO TV helps elementary school students in Surabaya to better understand the material directly by watching shows that act as an intermediary between teachers and the Surabaya City Dispendik and students. This study aims to find out how the reception of elementary school teachers' messages to the Guruku SBO TV program. This type of research is a qualitative research with an audience reception analysis method approach. The research uses constructivism paradigm. Data collection was done by interview and observation. The results of the study show that there are two categories of audiences in receiving Guruku SBO TV messages, namely the dominant audience of 2 informants and the negotiating audience of 6 informants. There are 5 message reception points in the dominant position and there are 3 message reception points in the negotiating position. 4 points agreed upon by the informants, e.g., 1) The Guruku's presenter is good, 2) fulfills the need for access to elementary education during the pandemic in Surabaya, 3) is easily accessible, 4) prays as a religious value and sings as an apperception. Guruku is good and interesting and has a contribution to the delivery of material which is constrained because the school is online. This research can be used as a study for other research on educational television broadcasts in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, especially during the pandemic. THERESIA ANDICKY SEKARSARI ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-03-14 2022-03-14 5 02 1 10 The myth of male beauty standrad in advertising ms glow men version babe cabita and marshel widianto on instagram Abstract The concept of male beauty standard is a concept of the handsome standards that indonesians have entrusted men with. The concept of male beauty standard was never far from a physical trait deemed worthy of esteem or admiration. In this study, the writer's concept of male beauty standard is reflected in the Ms. Glow men version of babe cabita and marshel widianto AD on instagram. Where the AD did claim to have created a new male beauty standard concept that did not judge men by any physical description. The purpose of this study is to find out how the myth of the male beauty standard concept in the skincare glow version of babe cabita and marshel widianto AD is. That way the author knows the truth of our claims made by Ms. Glow for men through those ads. The study involves a qualitative approach and data collected using Roland barthes' semiotics method. There are three aspects of emphasis: dennotation, connotation and myth to analyze elements that were never seen in the skincare glow version of Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto. Research shows that the Ms. Glow men version of Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto AD in instagram just overshadow the meaning of the male beauty standard concept that if it can't meet one standard there is another standard. Because there is still a hegemonic element in the AD by promoting the benefits of Ms. Glow men that can whiten the skin. Keywords: Male Beauty Standard, MS.Glow Men Version Babe Cabita and Marshel Widianto AD, Roland Barthes Semiotics, Hegemonic. Eva Ken Sayekti ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-23 2022-06-23 5 02 78 84 STRATEGI PEMERINTAH KOTA SURABAYA DALAM MEMPROMOSIKAN BUDAYA LOKAL SEBAGAI MATERI PROMOSI PARIWISATA This study aim to analize the strategy carried out by department of tourism and culture of Surabaya city in an effort to promote local culture in Surabaya as promotion material for tourism.This research uses a case study method with qualitative approach.The research data were obtained from intervies, observations, and documentations of the research focus of the strategy of Surabaya city government in promoting local cultures.The result of this study indicate that there is a variety of programs or strategy which are owned and used by department of tourism and culture of Surabaya city government that focus on promotion strategy, local cultures, and available in general, and in accordance with concept “who says what in which channel to whom with what effect” Surabaya city government, specifically its department of tourism and cultures has many programs in particular that promotes local cultures into society to all community. This research discusses the foreign popular cultures trend that comes to Indonesia through digital world so that it causes extinction in local cultures, and Surabaya city government effort to solve that phenomenon.This case if there is no intervention from the Surabaya city government, then the local cultures talked about will be removed very fast by popular cultures that currently more booming in the Indonesian youth circle.Department of tourism and cultures of Surabaya city government is government agencies that is responsible for cultural and tourism field and serve to maintain and preserve local cultures that exist in Surabaya. Puji Santoso Wijaya Putera ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-05-24 2022-05-24 5 02 23 32 The Dynamics of Intercultural Communication in Yayasan Kaki Dian Emas Being in an environment with a different cultural background will form a nervous and anxious attitude towards someone in the communication process. As explained by Gudykunst that when individuals with other individuals with different cultural backgrounds are in the same environment and trying to build the communication process it will experience feelings of uncertainty and loss. This uncertainty generally refers to a feeling of being able to predict another person (stranger), while anxiety refers to worry. This study aims to see the dynamics of communication experienced by ethnic Papuan students at the Yayasan Kaki Dian Emas regarding elaboration with other students. This research uses the theory of Anxiety and Uncertainty Management (AUM) proposed by William B. Gudykunst in 1993. The theory that has been put forward by Gudykunst discusses the management of a person's anxiety and uncertainty, in this study the researcher uses this theory to analyze the level and management of uncertainty and the anxiety experienced by ethnic Papuan students at the Kaki Dian Emas Foundation regarding their elaboration with other tribes. In this study, the researchers found that there was a sense of uncertainty and anxiety in these students when placed with people who have different cultural backgrounds from them (stranger). Keyword: The dynamics of communication intercultural; Papua students; The management of a person’s anxiety and uncertainty Gabriella Vici Sinuhaji ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-05-12 2022-05-12 5 02 11 22 Komunikasi Terapeutik Konselor Terhadap Anak Kekerasan Seksual Inses Every year, the biological father is the most incest perpetrator in Indonesia, according Catatan Tahunan which released Komnas Perempuan in 2018. Indonesia still lacks incest regulation, making therapeutic is essensial. This study employs case studies and a descriptive qualitative method to learn about the therapeutic communication counselor process for trauma treatment. As a result, the counselor has 4 stages of communication : assesment, observation, performance, and termination. Zenna Puji Herawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 5 02 100 108 Konsep Diri Generasi Milenial Pelaku Minimalism Lifestyle Advances This study aims to find out how the millennial generation's self-concept who applies Minimalism Lifestyle uses a communication perspective by looking at how the Millennial Generation of Minimalism Lifestyle actors communicate themselves according to the theory of self-concept and symbolic interaction. This research is a descriptive qualitative research with phenomenological method. The paradigm used in this study is the constructivism paradigm where the researcher sees social conditions as a systematic analysis. Data collection was obtained from observation, in-depth interviews and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the internal factors in the formation of the self-concept of the millennial generation of Minimalism Lifestyle actors consisting of self-knowledge, self-expectations and self-evaluation are strongly influenced by the development of information technology. Likewise, external factors in the formation of the self-concept of the millennial generation of Minimalism Lifestyle actors, namely other people and reference groups are also influenced by the development of information technology where Minimalism Lifestyle actors are interconnected with each other in the virtual world. The self-concept that is formed is the characteristic of the self-concept living more functional, responsible, and open to new things. Keywords: Self concept, Minimalism Lifestyle, Millennial Rahmalia Wulan Azizah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-05-30 2022-05-30 5 02 33 43 The MESSAGE OF HUMANIST PHOTOGRAPHY COVID-19 PATIENT'S REMAINS BY JOSHI IRWANDI The COVID-19 pandemic is a disease outbreak in the form of a virus that is engulfing all regions in the world, as if all media and journalists flocked to report the latest conditions of the pandemic after the first spike was successful and entered the second spike phase until it was widely discussed in various media with various conditions. which exists. The main factor in this research is how in a photojournalism one can know the actual meaning and message depicted in the photo and also know what is implied or connotative. Semiotic analysis is a method used to analyze and give meaning to the symbols contained in the picture. Advances and developments in media technology increasingly require people to be more mature in understanding every news and information they will see and read. In Joshi Irwandi's photo, there is an appearance of a photo that invites reactions from the public, but in the author's view there is the meaning of the message of humanism that is implied about how the human struggle is involved in the conditions of reality in a COVID-19 emergency hospital, and gets a very special moment. interesting and holds many impressions of meaning in it that can be studied humanely. This research actually wants to show how a photo is not only a work of art or as a complement to an information, but also has an implied meaning of humanity contained in it and is also useful for humans. Syahrul Rizki Pratama Setiawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-03 2022-06-03 5 02 44 52 MEDIA LITERATURE STRATEGY TO COMPETE HOAX ABOUT COVID-19 VACCINE (Case Study: Information Volunteer of Kelompok Informasi Masyarakat Bahari Surabaya City) The city of Surabaya, which is a metropolitan city, has a fairly high level of information dissemination and understanding but in some areas, there are still many low levels of understanding, especially regarding the covid-19 vaccine. One of them is the fishing village community located in the Sukolilo Baru sub-district which has a relatively low level of education, economy and understanding so it is easy to believe in the Covid-19 vaccine hoax. This study aims to determine the media literacy strategy carried out by KIM Bahari towards the fishing village of Sukolilo Baru in fighting hoaxes related to the Covid-19 vaccine. The method used in this research is a case study and a qualitative descriptive approach with interview techniques in collecting data. The results of this study indicate that to eradicate the Covid-19 vaccine hoax at KIM Bahari, as information volunteers participate in providing literacy, education and socialization in the community so that awareness of hoaxes and vaccine participation increases. KIM Bahari uses three strategies, the first is through the use of digital media, such as providing information, and clarifying information related to the COVID-19 vaccine hoax. The second strategy is to go directly to community groups actively or join various community groups in fishing villages which in its application adjust communication patterns with each audience. The last strategy is to pick up the ball by cooperating with opinion leaders for observation and determining vulnerable groups for easy access and facilitation of the COVID-19 vaccine. Keywords: KIM Bahari, Literacy, Hoax, Covid-19 Pandemic, Vaccines Covid-19, Fisherman's Village Zhafarina Shabrina ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-06 2022-06-06 5 02 53 66 ANALISIS RESEPSI TERHADAP KONTEN INSTAGRAM EMPATI BURGERKING.ID “PESANLAH DARI MCDONALD’S” SAAT PANDEMI COVID 2020 Changes in the audience's focus on marketing issues are increasingly different according to the context behind it. The issue of empathy is one of the issues that is good enough to be raised, especially at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. This is because during the initial pandemic, many people lost their jobs or even many businesses went out of business due to the crisis that hit all sectors, both in Indonesia and in the world. Through Burger King's Instagram content "Order from McDonalds", the issue of empathy is highlighted and makes the audience have different interpretations of the content. The various interpretations which in this study will be discussed and resulted in 2 findings of audience types, the first is audiences who are in the hegemonic-dominant type where the reasons behind them are (1) Burger King dares to sell names, not just products, ( 2) The content is in accordance with what most people experience, (3) Burger King dares to step out of the comfort zone, and (4) Burger King also supports local products. Meanwhile, audiences who are in the negotiation type also have several supporting reasons, such as (1) the writing is still worthy of skepticism, (2) the visualization for Instagram is less attractive, (3) it looks a little embarrassing for the size of a big brand, (4) local products are not highlighted in the main. This research will also be a benchmark for the effectiveness of how empathy issues make audiences shift their focus in seeing how brands advertise. Keywords: Audience, Empathy, Instagram, Pandemic, Burger Kin nuraini widya pramulyasari ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-22 2022-06-22 5 02 67 77 Pengaruh Pesan Soft Selling Skincare Base Terhadap Minat Beli Produk (Survei Pada Followers Instagram @itsmybase) Melihat banyaknya permintaan akan produk kecantikan disertai adanya persaingan skincare lokal dan luar serta bermunculannya merek-merek skincare baru di Indonesia membuat perusahaan harus berinovasi dalam mengembangkan strategi komunikasi pemasarannya. Era dengan perkembangan teknologi dan informasi yang cepat ini membuat komunikasi pemasaran juga harus menjamin kesinambungan hubungan yang interaktif dengan konsumen secara efektif. Dengan memanfaatkan digital marketing melalui platform instagram dapat diterapkan merek untuk menarik minat beli konsumen. Melalui penggunaan pesan secara soft selling atau pendekatan secara tidak langsung yang berfokus pada merangsang perasaan atau emosi audiens merupakan salah satu bentuk metode komunikasi pemasaran yang dapat digunakan merek untuk menyampaikan pesan mereknya. Hal inilah yang dilakukan oleh merek Base dengan memanfaatkan digital marketing sebagai media penyebaran informasi dan promosi dengan memanfaatkan pesan secara soft selling pada laman instagram. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk melihat adanya pengaruh yang signifikan antara pesan soft selling yang dilakukan oleh skincare Base terhadap minat beli pada followers instagram @itsmybase. Penelitian ini termasuk dalam jenis penelitian kuantitatif dengan metode survei dan kuesioner sebagai instrumen penelitian. Sampel yang digunakan pada penelitian ini sejumlah 100 responden yang diidentiikasi sebagai followers instagram Base dengan kriteria telah mengikuti akun instagram @itsmybase selama minimal tiga bulan. Berdasarkan hasil analisis data menggunakan Regresi Linear Sederhana diperoleh nilai koefisien korelasi sebesar 0,456 dan angka signifikansi 0,000 < 0,05 dengan hasil uji hipotesis (uji t) 5,198 > 1, 984. Oleh sebab itu, dapat dinyatakan bahwa hipotesis yang diajukan peneliti diterima yakni terdapat pengaruh yang signifikan antara pesan soft selling yang dilakukan oleh skincare Base terhadap minat beli pada followers instagram @itsmybase. Aurelia Lintangsari Kurniawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-23 2022-06-23 5 02 85 94 PRODUCT PLACEMENT OF KOPIKO CANDY IN THE KOREAN DRAMA "VINCENZO" ON THE INTEREST OF BUYING INDONESIAN CONSUMERS This study purposes to examine and analyze the significant effect of Kopiko candy product placement on consumer buying interest in K-Drama Vicenzo. This study uses a sample of 112 people who are members of the Vicenzo twitter group. The analysis technique used is multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that all respondents' answers describing visual (X1), auditory (X2) and plot connection (X3) and buying interest (Y) kopiko candy on K-Drama Vicenzo showed a spread of answers in agree and strongly agree. Partially, product placement variables consisting of visual (X1), auditory (X2) and plot connection (X3) variables did not affect consumers' buying interest in Kopiko candy, only the auditory variable (X2) had a partial effect. However, simultaneously visual (X1), auditory (X2), and plot connection (X3) variables affect consumer buying interest in Kopiko candy products in K-Drama Vicenzo. Keywords: Buying Interest, Product Placement Dhea Widiyanti ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-23 2022-06-23 5 02 95 99 THE EXISTENCE OF SANDUR ART IN MANDURO VILLAGE, KABUH DISTRICT JOMBANG DISTRICT This research on the existence of Sandur Arts in Manduro Village, Kabuh District, Jombang Regency is intended to find out how the existence of Sandur art in Manduro Village is the identity of the village. The Sandur Gaya Rukun Association is the only art association currently remaining in Manduro Village. This Sandur art was born and originally from Manduro Village so that it has its own uniqueness and describes the reality of the Manduro community. This study uses the ethnographic method of communication because this study looks at the communication behavior of a group of people in the cultural theme. Through the Sandur Gaya Rukun association, researchers use the ethnographic method of communication by focusing on the communication activities contained in the object of research, which consist of communicative situations, communicative events, and communicative acts. Data were collected through interviews with purposive sampling technique and also observation. In this study, it is known that the existence of Sandur art in Manduro Village still survives. This is because several aspects and values contained in Sandur art are closely related to Manduro Village, namely traditions and moments/events in Manduro Village that always feature Sandur in every arrangement of events, story scripts raised in performances, and also art. This is considered as the identity of Manduro Village so that the village community really cares and defends it. Keywords : existence, sandur, the Gaya Rukun association, Manduro Village, Ethnographic of Communication Aqilla Farina Zahro ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-29 2022-06-29 5 02 109 122 The Self Concept of Urban Muslimah Influencers in the Use of Turban Hijab Muslim influencers in urban communities are a new phenomenon where social media is a place to share daily content which is then enjoyed by followers. With this easy-to-use internet character, influencers are a means to find fashion inspiration in hijab creations, especially hijab turbans. This study aims to determine and describe how the social background and individual of an urban Muslim influencer influence the formation of self-concept in individuals. By using phenomenological methods and types of qualitative research. Researchers conducted observations and interviews based on data obtained from primary data sources, namely, urban Muslim influencers who use hijab turbans. Then analyze the data findings with self-concept theory. The findings from the study show that each influencer has a reason that is formed by family factors and the need to choose to use a hijab turban. With different backgrounds by influencers, namely students, musicians, creative agency staff, and fashion stylists, the influencer's self-concept is formed more varied. Through the statements of the four informants, it was also found that the informants tended to normalize the deviation in the use of hijab through the turban variant with the alibi that they were adapting to changes in modern fashion. This is allegedly because the informants who are micro influencers cannot stem the flow of modernity in the development of fashion. Moreover, being an influencer is certainly required to look attractive on social media. So that without realizing it, the process of forming self-concept occurs naturally and occurs naturally. Dara Shabirah Putri Prihantono Awang Dharmawan, S.I.Kom., M.A. ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 5 02 123 137 Marsaor Paradotan Pada Pernikahan Pariban Suku Batak Toba di Kota Surabaya Suku Batak Toba menjunjung tinggi pernikahan sebagai hak dan kewajiban dalam meneruskan garis keturunan. Pernikahan juga merupakan tujuan utama dalam mencapai pelaksanaan adat istiadat Dalihan Na Tolu masyarakat Batak Toba. Bagi masyarakat suku Batak Toba pernikahan yang ideal dengan perkawinan dengan pariban. Tradisi perjodohan dari zaman dahulu sampai sekarang adalah hal yang masih bisa terjadi karena prinsip suku Batak adalah identitas diri masyarakat yang harus selalu terdepan. Pernikahan pariban dianggap ideal karena turut serta melestarikan kebudayaan suku Batak Toba secara turun temurun. Dengan menggunakan metode penelitian metodelogi dengan tujuan melihat langsung bagaimana komunikasi yang terjadi antara orang tua dan anak mereka mengenai pembahasan pernikahan pariban. Subjek penelitian yaitu 7 orang yang merupakan pemuda-pemudi suku Batak Toba yang tinggal di Kota Surabaya. Elizabeth Siahaan Dr. Danang Tandyonomanu, S.Sos., M.Si ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-30 2022-06-30 5 02 138 156