The Commercium en-US (Mutiah) (Alim Sumarno) Wed, 24 Jul 2024 10:41:46 +0000 OJS 60 DISSEMINATION OF THE SI-PRAJA APPLICATION IN WAGE VILLAGE, TAMAN DISTRICT, SIDOARJO REGENCY THROUGH THE DIFFUSION OF INNOVATION PERSPECTIVE <p><em>The rapid development of information technology has brought various innovations and ideas that facilitate access to various systems, including population administration and government document management. The implementation of e-government through stages of transformation, improvement, restructuring, revitalization, and updating development priorities and the smart city concept enables the public to obtain accurate information through city or district government applications, reducing the need to visit relevant agencies in person. Sidoarjo Regency, one of the regencies in East Java Province, strives to improve public services through the launch of the SI-PRAJA application. This application has been operational since 2021 and continues to evolve, encompassing various government agencies. Wage Village, part of Sidoarjo Regency, has adopted the SI-PRAJA application to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. This study examines the dissemination of the SI-PRAJA application in Wage Village using the perspective of innovation diffusion and evaluates its impact on user satisfaction. The study's results indicate that the PIECES model variables significantly affect user satisfaction. The benefits of this research include academic contributions, improved quality of life for residents, and practical recommendations for village governments to enhance public administration services through digital technology.</em></p> Ken Bayu Yudho Anggoro, Putri Aisyiyah Rachma Dewi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 24 Jul 2024 10:40:53 +0000 RECEPTION ANALYSIS OF SUPPORT FOR VICTIM OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN “UNBELIEVABLE” SERIES <p>Sexual violence can be happened anywhere, both in public and domestic spaces. It can also happen to anyone regardless of age, gender or social background. In this research, researcher focus on discussing the issue of sexual violence that occurs against women in the domestic space which is show in the form of the Netflix film series "Unbelievable". Then, it was analyzed using the reception method from Stuart-Hall through a descriptive-qualitative approach. It was found, that among the audiences who were either directly or indirectly have a role in handling cases of sexual violence, one of them was reproduced all the messages the meaning sent by encoder (opposition). Some of them fully support (dominant hegemony) and others negotiate (negotiative) the content of messages regarding the environment that support what happen on victims of sexual violence, that shown by the media is in accordance with the social reality that they believe is fully true. However, there are still some messages that cannot be applied in reality due to several factors such as social norms, knowledge or different backgrounds. Even so, the audiences can still freely interpret the meaning of the message according to their own knowledge and experience.</p> Roudotun Nadifah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 24 Jul 2024 10:45:29 +0000