• Aprianus Mahu Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Rr. Dyah Woroharsi P P Universitas Negeri Surabaya


A novel is a literary work in the form of a long narrative prose with a series of stories about the life of a person or character and the people around him. The novel Sweet Sixteen raises the reality of cyberspace that has an effect on adolescent behavior. Teens in Germany disappeared after celebrating their sixteenth birthday. These teenagers disappeared due to interacting in cyber space some time before. This novel examines the reality of cyber space which easily plays a role in "narrowing" the time and space of teenagers to connect with each other in a cyber space that is free from parental and community control. The reason why researchers chose this theme is because researchers want to know more about the role of cyberspace and its impact on adolescents in this era of globalization. The novel Sweet Sixteen was written by Birgit Vanderbeke. Birgit Vanderbeke is a contemporary novelist who was influential in Germany. The theoretical basis used in this article refers to Goodman's (2007) theory. To support Goodman's theory, researchers used Fourkos (2018) theory about technology and humans and Erik Erikson's theory about adolescence. The problem formulations in writing this article are: 1.) How is cyber space depicted in the novel Sweet Sixteen? 2.) How is the life of teenagers in the novel Sweet Sixteen? 3.) How does cyberspace influence the lives of German teenagers in the novel Sweet Sixteen? The purpose of writing this article is to: 1.) Describe the picture of cyber space in the novel Sweet Sixteen. 2.) Describe the lives of adolescents in the novel Sweet Sixteen. 3.) Describe the influence of cyberspace on the lives of German teenagers in the novel Sweet Sixteen. The writing of this article uses a descriptive qualitative method in analyzing the existence of cyberspace and its impact on adolescents in Birgit Vanderbeke's Sweet Sixteen novel. The results showed that there were 9 data about cyberspace, 4 data about the lives of adolescents, and 6 data about the influence of cyber space on adolescents.

Keywords: Cyberspace, Adolescents Behavior, Novel.