Analisis Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Dasar Manusia Abraham Maslow oleh Karakter Utama “Maik” dalam Film “Tschick” Karya Fatih Akin

  • Wildan Gustafiandra Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Rr. Dyah Woroharsi Parnaningroem Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Literary works have developed quite rapidly, apart from being in the form of writing literary works, they are also often developed in the world of film. The author examines a German film entitled "Tschick" by Fatih Akin. This film is an adventure film between two teenagers taking a cross-city trip in Germany during their summer school holidays. Here, the author is interested in focusing more on the main character in the film, namely Maik, to find out and describe the hierarchy of basic human needs seen in the film. This paper uses an interpretive descriptive data analysis technique in describing the basic human needs that appear in the main character of the film “Tschick” by Fatih Akin. The theory used in this paper uses a literary psychology approach that focuses more on characterizing the characters. Furthermore, to see the fulfillment of basic needs as a human being uses the psychological theory of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs which consists of five levels, namely 1) physiological needs, the need for clothing, food and shelter; 2) the need for security, namely avoiding foreign and unstable things; 3) the need for affection, the need for friends, feelings of acceptance and love; 4) the need to be appreciated, the need to get recognition and appreciation; 5) the need for self-actualization, the need to develop and increase self-potential. The result of this research is that the main character as the focus of the research has fulfilled Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This fulfillment is obtained through the life process that the main character in the film goes through.

Keywords: Film, literary psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the main character