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In the current era, advertising is considered very important for the successful sales of a company's product.
So that companies are required to package an advertisement in an attractive manner to attract consumer
interest. One of them is by using short sentences but still conveying the content or purpose of the ad. This
is considered very suitable if you use a reduction construction, because this construction can shorten the
text in the ad so that efficiency in the ad text is formed. This phenomenon is proven to be found in Knorr's
advertisements, most of Knoor's found a reduction in their advertisements. Knorr's use of various reducers
was also the background for this study. This reduction variation needs to be analyzed more deeply so that
readers can understand the intent of the advertisement and not cause misunderstanding. This research will
focus on reduction. Related to this focus, this study will describe the reduction construction in terms of the
reduced sentence elements. In addition, this study will also describe the types of storage of sentence
elements that experience reduction in the sentence. The data obtained and analyzed are in the form of 8
sentences in the Knorr advertisement downloaded through the official Knorr Deutschland Instagram
account. This research was analyzed using Benhard Sowinski's (1999) theory about reduction, Peter
Gallmann (2009) about Weglassprobe and types of sentence element storage, Christa Dürscheid (2012)
about Eliminierungstest. Based on the use of this theory, it was found that the research results indicated
that there was a reduction in the part of the sentence elements in the form of nouns, prepositions,
adjectives, articles and verbs. Then also found reduction in the form of a noun but entered into the type of
storage in the form of a compound word. Reduced sentence elements have different functions depending
on the location or position of eliminating the sentence elements in the sentence and the reduction of the
sentence elements also functions as an accusative object that is reduced in the part of the noun, the object                                                                          of the preposition which is reduced in the preposition and adjective parts attributive experiencing reduction
in adjectives or adjectives.

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