• Chiquitita Rarasati Putri Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Agus Ridwan Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Advertising has an important role to play in achieving the success of selling a company‟s product. Of
course, the company must make an attractive advertising innovation to increase sales. Therefore, the language used in advertisements must use sentences that have figurative meanings as well as the form of
wordplay that attracts consumers. This is appropriate when using idiomatic meaning expressions or Redensart. However, often ambiguous meanings are found in Redensart.. This ambiguous meaning is the background of this research. Idiomatic meaning phrases or Redensart need to be analyzed more deeply so that
readers do not experience misunderstandings in understanding the meaning of the advertisement. This
study aims to describe the form and meaning of Redensart in Ritter Sport chocolate Ads. The data obtained
were in the form of 5 Ritter Sport chocolate advertisements which were downloaded through the Ritter
Sport website. This study was analyzed using the theory of Hessky / Ettinger. The results showed that there
are 4 forms of metaphorische Redensart and 1 forms of remotivierbare Redensart found in Ritter Sport
chocolate advertisements. Referring to its form, Redensart‟s metaphorische is characterized by the use of
the concept of parts of the human body in the use of idioms. While the Redensart remotivierbare form is
characterized by the depiction of an action or action in accordance with the reality or an event of
knowledge outside the language. In terms of meaning, the idiomatic meaning of Ritter Sport‟s chocolate
advertisements can be found in the Redensart dictionary, however, in the meaning, it also needs additional
interpretation according to the context in the advertisements, because many idioms have been modified by
Ritter Sport for the sake of advertising its chocolate products.

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