IDENTITAET <p>Jurnal Online "Identitaet" diterbitkan oleh Program Studi S-1 Sastra Jerman Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni Universitas Negeri Surabaya sebagai media untuk menampung karya ilmiah dalam bidang bahasa dan sastra Jerman yang dihasilkan oleh sivitas akademika. Jurnal Online "Identitaet" juga dimaksudkan sebagai sarana pertukaran informasi dan sumber rujukan yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan oleh seluruh bagian sivitas akademika dan juga masyarakat umum. Jurnal Online "Identitaet" terbit tiga kali dalam setahun.</p><p>*Untuk keperluan pengetikan nama jurnal ini bisa ditulis "Identitaet".</p> UNIVERSITAS NEGERI SURABAYA en-US IDENTITAET 2302-2841 KONFLIK DALAM FILM DER UNTERGANG KARYA OLIVER HIRSCHBIEGEL <p>The research “Conflict in der Untergang’s Film by Oliver Hirschbiegel” motivated by many discussion of <br>this movie even until present day. The Characters in the film severe some difficult conflicts with narrative<br>literature specialty those including treachery, dissapointment, losing, and violence. Aside of that, der <br>Untergang (The Downfall) also showing the gruesome and chaos of the defeated side in World War II. The <br>fomulation problem in this research involving conflict identification, conflict type analysis, and solution of<br>the conflict that already been experienced. The research purposes are to identified how the conflict could <br>happens, classificating type of conflict using Kurt Lewin’s theory, and also the method on how overcoming <br>the conflict. The benefit of these research are analyze proof using Kurt Lewin’s theory also increasing the <br>knowledge and experience in the conflict assesment with movie as an research object nor anything related. <br>The data collection technique using literature or document study technique, and the analysis technique used <br>in this study is a data reduction technique. The data in this research are pieces of dialogue sentences that <br>describe the form of conflict in the film der Untergang and then analyzed using Kurt Lewin's conflict <br>theory. Based on the results of this research, it can be concluded that there are 26 characters that experience <br>conflict, and among them there found 23 types of conflicts and also 23 types of conflict resolutions<br>experienced by characters in the film der Untergang. From 23 types of conflicts that has been found, 14 of <br>it are approach-avoidance conflicts, 9 avoidance-avoidance conflicts, and 0 approach-approach conflicts <br>also among 23 kind of conflict resolutions found 8 positive valency (+), 15 negative valency (-), and 0 <br>neutral valency (0).<br>Keywords: Conflict, Film.</p> Jordy Suranegara Yunanfathur Rahman ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 11 1 1 14 INFERIORITAS TOKOH UTAMA PADA FILM “AMELIE RENNT (MOUNTAIN MIRACLE)” <p>Film is a work of art and culture that can convey information and messages to its readers which are channeled from a literary work (Pratista 2007:40). According to Albertine Minderop (2016: 2), literary works in this modern era are always implied by psychological elements as a place to channel the author's psyche to the characters. Then literature as a psychological symptom in which there are elements and characteristics that have to do with psychology and mental disorders are described through the characteristics of the characters. The object of this research is a German-language film with the title Amelie Rennt or Mountain Miracle. The film which was released in 2017 in Germany is directed by Tobias Wiemann. This study aims to determisne, analyze and describe the complexity of the form of inferiority of the main character in the film "Amelie Rennt (Mountain Miracle)". This study uses a qualitative descriptive method with content analysis techniques. While the theory used in this research is Alfred Adler's individual psychology theory. Alfred Adler's theory is used to find the principle of the inferiority of Amelie's character in Amelie Rennt's film and the forms of compensation for inferiority that Amelie makes and the forms of efforts that Amelie makes to achieve her superiority. Based on the formulation of the problem, it can be concluded that Alfred Adler's four principles of inferiority in Amelie Rennt's film are: 1) The Principle of Low Self-esteem, 2) The Principle of False Goals. 3) The Principle of Struggle to be Superior. 4) The Principle of the Creative Self. Then there are also forms of compensation carried out by the main character Amelie, namely: 1) Stubbornness. 2) Rebellious attitude. 3) Disrespect. 4) Courage. And 5) Challenging Attitude.</p> Dinar Puti Aramitha Lutfi Saksono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 11 1 23 36 HEGEMONI BUDAYA PADA TEKS NASKAH DRAMA DANTONS TOD KARYA GEORG BÜCHNER <p>The text of Dantons Tod's Drama is a literary work that presents the practice of Hegemony <br>and Culture. The event studied is Cultural Hegemony. The background of the French <br>revolution presents two revolutionary leaders named Danton and Robiespierre. Robiespierre <br>acts as the dominating party and Dantons as his political opponent as the dominated party. <br>This study uses a qualitative method to describe Antonio Gramsci's theory of Hegemony <br>found in the text of the play Dantons Tod by Georg Büchner. The results of the study <br>indicate that the discovery of 5 key concepts of cultural hegemony from Dantons Tod's <br>Drama Script including Hegemony, Agreement and Consensus, Domination, Intellectuals, <br>Language and Ideology. The concept of hegemony consists of 5 data consisting of 5<br>dialogue quotes written by Georg Büchner. This study uses data collection techniques, <br>namely reading techniques and note-taking techniques by researching, understanding and <br>classifying them. Then, qualitative descriptive data analysis techniques identify, classify <br>and draw conclusions. This research makes legitimacy fall to the dominant party, namely <br>Robiespierre. The actions of this character and his group gain victory on the basis of the <br>authority, power of each character contained in Dantons Tod's drama script. Based on <br>Gramsci's theory of hegemony, it shows the form of hegemony of every leader and ruler in <br>obtaining his power and how the life of the French people is when hegemonized by the <br>ruling class. Gramsci's theory of hegemony is part of the research foundation.</p> Merriam Merriam Lutfi Saksono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 11 1 15 22 METAFORA DALAM ALBUM “JETZT ERST RECHT” OLEH LAFEE <p>This study discusses lyrics that contain metaphors in the album Jetzt erst recht by Lafee. A songwriter or even a singer, they try to communicate, convey their ideas and feelings through the songlyrics that are composed and sung. In a song, a metaphor affected on the interpretation and aesthetics. This is associated with the function of metaphor, namely embellish a language To understand the meaning of that figurative language in song lyrics, analysis can be done. In this case, the writer analyzes the metaphor contained in the song lyrics. This study aims to find and describe the lyrics that contain metaphors with data in the form of song lyrics &nbsp;in the album Jetzt erst recht by Lafee. The type of this study is qualitative research and data collection &nbsp;using note-taking techniques. The result of this study is that the song lyrics in the Jetzt erst recht album contain almost all kinds of metaphors, except Genitivmetapher. Of the 12 songs, there are 31 lyrics that contain metaphors with the type of metaphor most contained is Satzmetapher.</p> Yusofa Hista Kumala Lutfi Saksono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-01-30 2022-01-30 11 1 37 46 PENGGUNAAN DEIKSIS WAKTU DALAM FILM DER FROSCHKÖNIG YANG DISUTRADARAI OLEH FRANZISKA BUCH TAHUN 2008 <p>This scientific article describes time deixis in the film Der Froschkönig directed by Franziska Buch in 2008. In studying deixis, it is important to understand words, phrases or expressions whose references can change depending on who is the speaker, the time and place where certain language units are spoken. In some literary works, sometimes there are still deixis that are not clear or difficult to understand by the readers, so the writer chooses to analyze one of the five (5) types of deixis that exist. The writer chooses to analyze the lexeme that includes the time deixis in the film Der Froschkönig because the time deixis found is more varied. The author uses the theory proposed by Levinson which states that time deixis only consists of three (3) categories, namely before speech, during speech and after speech. This type of research is qualitative. The research data that is the focus of the analysis is the time deixis in the film Der Froschkönig. The author conducted this research using qualitative research methods and using coding and qualitative data analysis processes, so that the process of interpreting the analysis was more accurate. The results of this study indicate that in the film Der Froschkönig there are nine (9) timepieces which are time deixis which are classified into three (3) categories, before speech, during speech and after speech.</p> Shabrina Septiherlita Lutfi Saksono ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-02-28 2022-02-28 11 1 37 47