Jurnal The Basketball 3-Points : A Systematic Review

  • Himawan Wismanadi Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Through shooting techniques, teamscansucceed more efficiently and effectively in matches, because shooting techniquescan save energy. The shotscan be used from any direction and are efficient in collecting points. Shooting technique is one of the basic skills of basketball that is very well known and in demand, because every individual has the instinct and ambition to attack and wants to put the ball into the basket. Thus, the author's goal to be achieved in this study is knowledge of 3-Point shooting systematic review. The research method uses a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) which is carried out by collecting existing research data and then being identified and evaluated. The resultsshow that this review addsrelevantinsightsinto basketball 3-point shooting skills training. By suggesting an integrative approach including physical conditioning, motor skills, mental factors, performance analysis, and biomechanicalaspects. Thissummary of existing knowledge of the shooting field canassistcoaches and researchers in designing specific training tasksaccording to the needs of basketball players to maximize the development of 3-point shooting technique skills.


Keywords: Basketball, 3-Point Shooting

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