Analisis SWOT Pembinaan Cabang Olahraga Tenis Meja Klub Bintang Berlian Kabupaten Mojokerto

  • Bella Nurvenda Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Achmad Widodo


This study aims to analyze the pattern of coaching in table tennis at the Bintang Berlian Club, Mojokerto. This research uses descriptive quantitative research method with sampling technique using 12 respondents. The data analysis technique uses a Likert scale with calculations using the excel formula. The population in this study were athletes and coaches of the Bintang Berlian club, namely 10 athletes and 2 coaches. This study used a questionnaire containing 81 items each for athletes and 72 items for coaches containing statements prepared based on predetermined indicators to collect data from respondents to answer the problem formulation. A questionnaire consisting of five alternative answers that uses a Likert scale to measure the three indicators. The results of this study indicate indicators (1) Human Resources get a score of 80.2% for athletes and 76.4% for coaches. Indicator (2) Facilities and infrastructure 81.5% for athletes, 80% for coaches. Indicator (3) The training program is 79.3% for athletes and 78% for coaches. Thus it can be concluded that the analysis of coaching at the Bintang Berlian Club is in the very good category for athletes with a percentage gain of 80.3% and for coaches it is in a good category with a percentage gain of 78.13%.

Jurnal Kesehatan Olahraga