pengembangan instrumen colours paper terhadap kemampuan ketrampilan servis dalam cabang olahragatenis meja pada nomer tunggal

  • Ilham Bayu Ramadhan universitas negeri surabaya
  • achmad widodo


Sport is an activity which cultivate body and soul that develop ourselves and keep fit, because sports can be used as recreation as well as achievement. Development and achievement in sports should be done from an early age with continued programs and conceptualized and supported by invitative and creative instruments in construction although for the outstanding athletes. Service is first move in table tennis and can be conclude as one of strategy for the first attack. A player who serve hard service or difficult for the opponent to accept can be used to get a score. The aims of this study is to develop a product which can be more perfect and inovative, so it can be used to support the support progress activities or achievement. This study used research and development as the research design but the researchers used ADDIE methods', which analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. This study used the sample from final ITTF matches between Maa Long and Fan Zhendong. The results showed that Maa Long's service during the match at the point score 5 is 38%, at the point score 3 is 59% and at the point score 2 is 3%. While Fan Zhendong's service during the match at the point score 5 is 42%, at the point of 3% is 42%, and at the point of 3 is 58%. Based on the results, it can be concluded that international athletes usually perform their service at the 3 point because it minimize to making a mistake, because at the 5 point will have risk such as the service get in trouble at the net or bouncing over the net and it makes the opponents can make an attacks. If an athlete perform their service at the 2 ponit, they have risk such as the ball out and did not bounced in table and it makes the opponent can get an easier to have an attack strategies.

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