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Sport is a physical activity that has a major role in maintaining and fostering human health. Football is a team sports that has a high frequency of body contact which can increase the occurrence of injuries. The purpose of this research was to determine the types of sports injuries in Persis Women and Persis U-16 players, and to determine the factors that cause injuries in Persis Women and Persis U-16 players. This type of research is descriptive quantitative. The results in this research, the most injuries were external injuries. As many as 41% in Persis U-16 and as many as 32% in Persis Women. In bruises, there were 32% in Persis U-16 and or 32% cases in Persis Women. In this research there were also 32% that having injury checked by a doctor was the best method of treating injuries, 44% that having an injury checked by a physiotherapist was the best treatment for injuries, 16% that doing therapy with a masseur was the best method of treating injuries, and 8% others. The main factors causing injuries which are distinguished into internal and external factors, namely collisions, lack of heating, and infrastructure are determinants that can increase the risk of injury. This research recommends that all athletes to pay more attention to factors that can cause injury, and more optimal in warming up. and to remain careful in practice and competition.

Keywords: Sport Injurie, Football, Factors Causing Injuries, Injury Management

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