Analisis Pertandingan Timnas Argentina Pada FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Ditinjau Dari Segi Teknik Keterampilan Bermain

  • Muhammad Sofy Yulianto Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Achmad Widodo Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Futsal is a sport that is familiar to people all over the world, both men and women, and does not recognize young or old age. Many teams have been formed in regions, especially in Indonesia. Futsal creates enormous opportunities for people, especially those who want to change their lives, in the sense of increasing economic stability for both individuals and families. Competitions in the regions are not left behind to provide opportunities for players who have the potential to reach the highest caste of futsal in Indonesia. For example, the Professional Team that competes in the national arena, namely BLACK STEEL against the SKN KEBUMEN FC Team. Every game there will be a winning and losing team. This study aims to conduct a video analysis of the Futsal match between BLACK STEEL vs SKN KEBUMEN FC in the Indonesian Professional Futsal League competition which ended with a score of 6-2 which was won by the BLACK STEEL Team. This type of research is descriptive exploratory with an expose facto approach. This research focuses on the victory factor achieved from the successful finishing of BLACK STEEL VS SKN KEBUMEN FC. In the match of these two teams the dominant game was dominated by the BLACK STEEL Team, but SKN KEBUMEN did not lose to compete with its opponent. SKN KEBUMEN has a weakness which only uses a strategy to play only on defense so that the BLACK STEEL team has a lot of greater opportunities to create goals from maximizing finishing. In this article, it is intended as a reference for analyzing the quality of finishing success.
Keywords: Futsal, Victory, Finishing.

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