Kajian Moral dan Kewarganegaraan https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa <p>Kajian Moral dan Kewarganegaraan ini merupakan jurnal online yang diterbitkan oleh Program Studi S-1 Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn) Jurusan PMP-KN Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Hukum (FISH) Unesa. Jurnal yang sebelumnya terbit tiga kali dalam setahun, sejak tahun 2022 terbit empat kali dalam satu tahun, yaitu pada bulan Februari, Mei, Agustus, dan November ini memuat hasil-hasil penelitian di bidang kewarganegaraan, pendidikan, ideologi, politik, sosial, humaniora, nilai, dan moral.&nbsp;</p> en-US oksianajatiningsih@unesa.ac.id (Oksiana Jatiningsih) listyaningsih@unesa.ac.id (Listyaningsih, S.Pd., M.Pd.) Wed, 19 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Konstruksi Sosial Kemandirian Perempuan di Era Globalisasi (Studi Fenomenologi Perempuan Pengemudi Ojek Online di Kota Surabaya) https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49250 <p><em>Social construction always identifies the role of women only as good wives and mothers. However, the current of globalization has forced women out of the shackles of the domestic sphere and work in the public sphere, one of which is by becoming an online motorcycle taxi driver. This study aims to reveal the social construction of women's independence in the era of globalization which is associated with the factors forming social construction in society. There were four informants whose identities were deliberately disguised. The informants were taken based on evidence that the person concerned does indeed work as an online motorcycle taxi driver, is a woman who has or has been married, and those who have not or already have children. The focus of this research is to find out the social construction of women's independence in the era of globalization in the view of women online motorcycle taxi drivers associated with the factors forming social construction in society. Data collection techniques used include in-depth interviews, passive participant observation, and documentation. Data taken by in-depth interviews were then analyzed qualitatively. The results of this study indicate that there are three forms of women's independence in the era of globalization according to women online motorcycle taxi drivers, firstly the independence of working as an online motorcycle taxi driver as an alternative job, secondly in making decisions when facing sexual harassment at work, and thirdly making decisions related to the role of a mother in parenting. baby. Of the three forms of independence, the independence that is realized by working as an online motorcycle taxi driver and making decisions as a mother in caring for children is considered a little out of the order of community values. Meanwhile, there are no norms for the three forms of independence that lead to a violation of norms.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords</em></strong><em>: social construction, women, independence, online motorcycle taxi drivers</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Aura Afan Shabrina, Sarmini Sarmini ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49250 Wed, 19 Oct 2022 04:45:51 +0000 STRATEGI PEMBELAJARAN PPKn PADA PEMAHAMAN BELA NEGARA SISWA KELAS VIII DI SEKOLAH INKLUSI SMP MUHAMMADIYAH 2 KEDIRI https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49973 <p>The purpose of this study is to describe the strategies used by teachers to provide an understanding of state defense for Children with Special Needs (CSN) in inclusive classes. This study uses a qualitative approach with a descriptive method which takes place at SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Kediri. This study uses Peaget's cognitive learning theory. The focus of this research is a strategy that includes planning and implementation by teachers to provide an understanding of defending the country in inclusive classes consisting of regular children and special needs children. The subjects in this study were a class VIII Civics teacher who taught inclusive classes and a class assistant teacher. Data collection techniques used in this research are participant observation, semi-structured interviews and documentation in the form of lesson plans and the results of learning scores. Based on the research results, the implementation of PPKn learning begins with making a learning implementation plan which is the same as between ABK and regular students, but in the implementation of learning for regular students it is adjusted to the RPP and for ABK modifications are made to the RPP according to their needs. In the implementation of learning the teacher also manages the class to make it easier for children with special needs to receive the stimulus provided by the teacher. The teacher provides an understanding of defending the country by interpreting the national anthem, delivering repeated material and demonstrations, delivering material in verbal and non-verbal languages, optimizing the understanding of defending the country with image media, and implementing school rules as a form of love for the homeland.<br>Kata Kunci: National Defense, Children in Need Special (CNS), Inclusive School.</p> Komang Azalia Armaida, Oksiana Jatiningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49973 Tue, 06 Dec 2022 03:11:22 +0000 PROSES KONSEP DIRI MANTAN NARAPIDANA (STUDI FENOMENOLOGI ANGGOTA KOMUNITAS DEDIKASI MANTAN NARAPIDANA UNTUK NEGERI) https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50060 <p><em>Ex-convicts have challenges after undergoing a coaching period such as being difficult to be accepted back in the community. Self-concept in ex-convicts affects social interaction in social life. This study aims to describe the self-concept process of ex-convicts who are members of the DM-NUN community. The use of theory in this study is George Herbert Mead's self-concept theory. In this study using a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach with data analysis of Miles and Hubermas. Data collection was carried out by purposive sampling consisting of </em><em>five informants with the criteria of ex-convicts who were members of the Dedication Community of Former Inmates for the Country, had undergone a period of coaching at the IIB Tuban Penitentiary, and had been recorded as committing criminal acts. The focus of this research is to describe the self-concept process of ex-convicts who are members of the ex-convicts dedication community for the country by using the concepts of I and Me in the study of George Herbert Mead's theory. The results of the research findings are that the self-concept of ex-convicts who are members of the ex-convicts dedication community for the country is formed based on the willingness of ex-convicts to change themselves for the better, efforts to return to society, and support from the family and community as shown in Geoerge's theory. Herbert Mead through two elements, namely element I on the informant seen in ex-convicts wanting to change themselves and regret all the crimes they have committed. Meanwhile, the Me element is seen in informants who want to be seen as good people who have repented from past actions and in the future they can become figures or leaders for the community.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em>&nbsp;self concept, ex-convicts, community</em></p> Ahmad Shobrianto, Warsono Warsono ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50060 Wed, 14 Dec 2022 13:55:32 +0000 TINGKAT NASIONALISME ANGGOTA EKSTRAKURIKULER SANGGAR SENI AGAWE SANTOSO SMAN 1 SINGGAHAN TUBAN https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49461 <p><em>This study aims to determine the level of nationalism of the extracurricular members of Sanggar Seni Agawe Santoso at SMAN 1 Singgahan Tuban. The research uses Coleman's rational choice theory. According to Coleman, actors are considered as individuals who have goals, actors also have a choice of basic value to be used to determine the choices and actions they want. This research uses quantitative research with descriptive design. Data collection techniques using a questionnaire filled out by 42 members. Analysis of the data used is to find the highest percentage of extracurricular members and the lowest. The results showed that the level of nationalism of the members of the Sanggar Seni Agawe Santoso extracurricular SMAN 1 Singgahan Tuban was 48% in the middle position. Extracurricular members of the Agawe Santoso Art Studio at SMAN 1 Singgahan Tuban have a moderate level of nationalism. This factor was found that the members still do not fully love the local culture. This is obtained because the members still have a sense of participating in preserving, developing and introducing their local culture.</em></p> Miftahul Jannah, Listyaningsih Listyaningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/49461 Sun, 25 Dec 2022 10:42:19 +0000 Konstruksi Penggemar Bangtan Boys dalam Komunitas Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth di Surabaya tentang Nasionalisme https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50469 <p><em>Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth (ARMY) Surabaya is a fan community for the K-Pop BTS group in Surabaya. In contrast to fan communities in general, in this community fans have an understanding of nationalism that is interesting to study. The research is examined by the social construction theory of Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann to analyze the construction of nationalism and the dominant factors that influence it. This study uses a case study design with reference to the ideas put forward by Robert K. Yin. The subjects in this study were three BTS fans. The research location is in the city of Surabaya, precisely in the ARMY Surabaya community. Data collection techniques used were participant observation and in-depth interviews. Data found in the field were then analyzed using Miles and Huberman's model which is associated with social construction theory. The results of the study show that the construction of BTS fans in the ARMY Surabaya community about nationalism occurs in three moments. First, at the moment of internalization, fans get socialization both primary and secondary. Second, at the moment of objectification, fans have shared knowledge about nationalism through a process of habituation and institutionalization. Third, at the moment of externalization of the fans' construction of nationalism it is poured out in three forms, namely as communication that takes place in harmony, appreciation of national identity, and obedience to regulations. Of the three forms of construction, nationalism tends to be understood by fans as a harmonious communication and appreciation of national identity.</em></p> Riski Darma Santi, Sarmini Sarmini ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50469 Wed, 11 Jan 2023 03:19:20 +0000 Motivasi Orang Tua dalam Penentuan Pendidikan Tinggi Anak di Kelurahan Meri Kota Mojokerto https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50873 <p><em>The purpose of this research is to describe the motivation of parents in determining their children's higher education in Meri Village, Mojokerto City. The focus of this study is the analysis of parents' motivation in making decisions regarding their children's further higher education. The theoretical foundation used is Abraham Maslow's motivational theory consisting of several indicators, namely physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. This study used qualitative research with a descriptive research design. The informants of this study were three parents who had teenagers aged 18 to 19 years who continued their education at tertiary institutions. Data collection techniques in this study were in-depth interviews and observation. The data validation technique uses technical triangulation. Data analysis techniques include data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results of research on parents' motivation in determining their children's tertiary education so that children can get a better education, get decent jobs in the future, gain existence in the family and community environment, get support and assistance from extended families, and can form good character and morals. better. It's just that in the process of discussing the determination of further higher education, there are differences of opinion between parents and children when they have different choices of majors. The child agrees to follow directions and the parents enter the department according to the wishes of the parents because they feel that the parents' choice is not bad and is a form of child's devotion to their parents. </em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong><em> motivation, parents, child’s higher education</em></p> Anis Fitri Alviana, Raden Roro Nanik Setyowati ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50873 Sun, 29 Jan 2023 22:15:49 +0000 RESPON MASYARAKAT JEMUR WONOSARI TENTANG BERDIRINYA SANGGAR CANDI BUSANA PENGHAYAT KEPERCAYAAN SAPTA DARMA DITINJAU DARI SIKAP MULTIKULTURAL https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50650 <p><em>This &nbsp;study aims to describe the response of the Jemur Wonosari community regarding the establishment of the&nbsp; Sanggar Candi Busana for followers of the Sapta Darma belief in terms of a multicultural attitude. The theory used in this study is the SOR (Stimulus-Organism-Response) theory discovered by Hovland. This theory assumes that a certain stimulus (verbal words, non-verbal cues, and symbols) will stimulate other people or groups to respond in a certain way as well. In this study using qualitative research methods with descriptive research type. The informants in this study were determined using a purposive sampling technique. The number of informants was selected with the consideration of the people living around the Sanggar Candi Busana building and also community leaders related to the activities of the Sapta Darma belief system until data saturation was obtained. The informants in the study found ten informants consisting of the community, community leaders in the Jemur Wonosari sub-district, and religious leaders of the Sapta Darma belief. The location in this study was in the Jemur Wonosari sub-district, Wonocolo District, Surabaya City. Data collection techniques used were in-depth interviews and observation. The results of this study indicate that the residents of Jemur Wonosari gave two responses, namely, the response before the public knew the function of the Fashion Temple Studio. And the positive response to the existence of the&nbsp; Sanggar Candi Busana and adherents of the Sapta Darma belief, community members live side by side. Acceptance of community members is part of humanist communication, Sapta Darma activities which involve the community as a form of upholding the value of harmony. A multicultural attitude emerges where society maintains harmonious relations and provides space for differences in belief and worship without disturbing or disturbing.</em></p> Bero Santoso, Oksiana Jatiningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.unesa.ac.id/index.php/jurnal-pendidikan-kewarganegaraa/article/view/50650 Fri, 13 Jan 2023 22:29:18 +0000