Latihan Penguatan Fisik dalam Rehabilitasi Cedera Olahraga dan Kepercayaan Diri

  • ajeng putri pratiwi student


The possibility of sport injuries both during training and competition takes place causes changes athletes condition. The changes in physical condition in athletes who are injred will cause changes in mental condition of athletes, especially confidence. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the post-injry rehabilitation training processes to restore muscle strength and skill in order to return to normal condition and to prevent re-injury. So that at least further action can be found as an effort to recover the athlete’s mental after injury.

The data source used was primary data obtained by answered a questionnaire survey using IPRRS  by 14 puslatda Jawa Timur athletes who were seriously injured and were undergoing physical rehabilitation training at KONI Jawa Timur.

The results of the survey show the psychological condition of self confidence are 43% of athlethes who have undergone the process of post- injury rehabilitation physical training have a high enough confidence level to go back to sports and are ready to the next competitions. And 57% others have a below standard confidence level to back to sports, so they need more time for recovery from their injury.