LANGUAGE HORIZON <p><em>Language Horizon: Journal of Language Studies</em> is an online journal published by English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Surabaya&nbsp;</p> Universitas Negeri Surabaya en-US LANGUAGE HORIZON 2356-2633 Figurative Language Usd In The Split Movie <p>This article aimed to analyze the figurative language found in a movie script of Shyamalan‘s The<br> Split. This study is based on Perrine's(1977) theory of figurative language to identify the types of<br> figurative language and Leech's(1981) theory of meaning to reveal the meaning contained in<br> figurative language related to the context of multiple identity disorder in The Split Movie. The article<br> used qualitative methods and documentation to reveal the types and meanings of figurative language<br> in the movie. The results of the analysis show that there were seven types of figurative language<br> namely hyperbole, metaphor, paradox, synecdoche, simile, personification, and symbol found in the<br> split movie, which is used by the main character to confirm that each identity is real and exists, and to<br> inform the interlocutor about the arrival of The Beast, the strongest identity.</p> Wisnu Aji Wardani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 10 3 1 8 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p1-8 THE ANALYSIS OF REGISTER USED IN DOTA 2 <p>Register is a language used by a group of people who have certain common interest. Here, the register used by gamers in playing Dota are various. It can be in the form of word, phrase, or even an acronym or other word structures possible. Each form of register is used differently based on the event or the moment. There are approximately 30 data in the form of words found and analyzed in this research using qualitative method in which the data are in form of words and explained more detail through wide explanation (Hancock, Ockleford, &amp; and Windridge, 2009, p. 7).</p> <p>The researcher directly participates in playing the online game, Dota 2 andstays asthe observer. This research applies direct participation and observation.As there is language contact happens during the gameplay among Dota players or gamers, the findings are classified into two: the first is the characteristics of word used in register used by Dota gamers and the second is the use of the register as an aspect of solidarity. First, the characteristics of wordchoice in registerused by Dotagamers are the use of shortterms and the changing of wordsmeaning. Second, the purpose of the use of register by Dota 2 players is as an aspect of solidarity. They use the register to show that their relationship is intimate.</p> <p><strong>Keywords:</strong> register, word formation, word meaning, language purpose.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> alif brian n ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-21 2022-11-21 10 3 48 57 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p48-57 LANGUAGE STYLES IN "SNOWPIERCER" (2013): THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIOECONOMIC <p>This study aims to discover the types of language style and also the influence of socioeconomic status in language style through Snowpiercer (2013). Given that this film is told in combination of both high and low SES. At this moment, when viewed from socioeconomic status discourse, language styles used in the interaction between classes are most often different. This study used descriptive qualitative method to analyse the data were the utterances consisting of language styles identified by characters’ dialogues in film. Using Martin Joos’ theory as a guide to classified types of language style, and Oakes and Rossi’s socioeconomic status theory to find out the influence of socioeconomic status, this study found four out five types of language style. The first finding shows that four types were found in this film such as casual, formal, consultative and intimate style. The second finding shows that education is one of the many important factors that influence someone with their socioeconomic status to use a certain types of language style. To conclude, language styles used by characters belonging to the low SES group ranged from casual to intimate. Formal language style was hardly found in dialogue lines of low SES characters with the exception of one character (C9) that served a role as a preacher among low SES characters.</p> <p><strong>Keywords:</strong> language style,&nbsp;socioeconomic status,&nbsp;snowpiercer.</p> Muhammad Reynaldy Hidayat ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 10 3 9 17 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p9-17 Speech Style Used by the Dolan Twins towards Family and Friends in Their YouTube Videos <p>This study aims to analyze the use of speech style by the Dolan Twins towards their family and friends as well as the underlying social factors that influencing them. Focusing on their videos, Ethan and Grayson have different styles of delivering something that they wanted to talk with. Interestingly, their speech style differs when their guest is a family member or a friend. The study uses the descriptive qualitative research method because it involves collecting and analyzing non-numerical data in the form of utterances taken from conversation. The theoretical framework used as the foundation for this study is Joos’ (1976) and Chaika’s (1982) theories of speech style. The data of this study are five chosen of the Dolan Twins YouTube videos namely <em>Our Family Reacts to Our Videos</em>, <em>Our Mom Controls Our YouTube Channel for a Day</em>, <em>Identical Twins Meet Their Mini Identical Twins</em>, <em>Road Trip to Vegas</em>. The result found 18 utterances of the Dolan Twins toward their family and friends that consist of speech style, with 9 casual styles as the most dominant, followed with 4 intimate styles, 4 consultative styles, and 1 formal styles. However, frozen style was absent. It was concluded that casual style is the most dominant style used as the context of communication relies around family, friends, acquaintance and mostly in daily conversation or informal atmosphere. In addition, there is no frozen style found in this study as it has the highest rank of formality beyond four styles, and with that, there are no scenes showing a conversation at a formal place where the use of high standard pattern of language is required.</p> Elok Budi Ramadhani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 10 3 18 25 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p18-25 Politeness Strategies Employed by the Main Characters in “A Star is Born” Movie <p>Politeness strategy is a tool in keeping a communication run efficiently and smoothly. This research focused on the use of Politeness Strategies used by two main characters of ‘A Star is Born’ movie, Ally and Jackson. Jackson is a famous country rock singer who suffering an alcohol and drug addiction and Ally who works as a waitress in a reastaurant and sideline as a singer and songwriter. A Star is Born is a musical romance movie. The theory that used by researcher to completed this research is the theory of politeness strategy by Brown and Levinson (1987). The purposes of this research were to identify the type of politeness strategy used by the two main characters of the movie and the factors that influincing the choice of politeness strategy. This research used a qualitative research method by employing discourse analysis to answer the purpose of the study. The data were 40 utterances gathered through documentation technique. According to the result of the study, it can be seen that there were 4 types of politeness strategies employed by the two main characters, i.e. off record, negative politeness, on record, and positive politeness. Furthermore, the factors influencing the two main characters to use such types of politeness strategies is sociological variables which consist of social distance, relative power, and rank of imposition.</p> Sahfilza Khoiril Basyar ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 10 3 26 33 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p26-33 Language Attrition of the Second Language between Indonesian-Korean Couple <p>This paper is focusing on the language attrition that happens on Korean Indonesian couple. This study aims to find out the implementation of bilingualism between Korean Indonesian couple, the factors influence them to experience language attrition, and the impact for the couple after they experience language attrition. Qualitative method was used in this study. The participants were Korean and Indonesian couple. The man has Korean background, and the woman has Indonesian background. The data was collected by conducting interview and documentation. They were then analyzed using theory from Tavakoli (2012), Myers-Scotton, (2006), Köpke, (2007), and &nbsp;&nbsp;Schmid (2011). This research revealed that this couple used English at the beginning of their relationship, then change to Korean that makes them as bilinguals. The result also shows the factors influencing language attrition between them are the language use and bilingual. Moreover, the impact after they experienced language attrition is they replace some language in their L1 and L2 with L3 unintentionally<em>.</em></p> Citra Malasari ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-12-12 2022-12-12 10 3 34 41 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p34-41 The Translation of Wordplay in The Amazing World of Gumball Cartoon Series <p>Revealing humorous effects played in translated wordplay is the objective of this study. Translating wordplay has always been a challenge for many translators. <em>The Amazing World of Gumball</em> is a cartoon series which has wordplay as its major recurrent punchlines. The purposes of the study are to identify the types of wordplay and to analyze the translation strategies employed by the translator in translating the wordplay found in <em>The Amazing World of Gumball</em> into the Indonesian language based on Schröter's classification of wordplay and translation strategies of wordplay proposed by Delabastita as the main theoretical frameworks. This study applies a descriptive-qualitative method with observation as the main technique. The data used in this research are the utterances that contain wordplay in the form of words, phrases, clauses and sentences taken from English dubbed videos of <em>The Amazing World of Gumball</em> and the Indonesian dubbing version. The findings of the study reveal that there are three types found in the series which consist Homonymy, Paronymy and Polysemy. The result also shows out of the six strategies proposed, four wordplay translation strategies are used by the translator. They are Wordplay to Wordplay, Wordplay to Non-wordplay, Wordplay to Zero and ST Wordplay=TT Wordplay.</p> Nikita Prihatini ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-11-09 2022-11-09 10 3 42 47 10.26740/lh.v10n3.p42-47