LANGUAGE HORIZON <p><em>Language Horizon: Journal of Language Studies</em> is an online journal published by English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Surabaya&nbsp;</p> en-US (Slamet Setiawan) (Lisetyo Ariyanti) Thu, 18 Aug 2022 13:50:26 +0000 OJS 60 Revealing The Voice of Gay Pride in Troye Sivan's Song Heaven <p><strong>Abstract</strong></p> <p>Linguistics has a close relationship with the creation of a literary work, language and its various functions play an important role in conveying the messages and meanings of literary works. This study purposed to reveal the issue of gay pride within song lyrics by using figurative language, theory of meaning, and theory of language and gender. This study is qualitative research using sematic-pragmatics approach. The data was taken from Troye Sivan’s song titled Heaven. Later, the data will be chosen from the lyrics which indicated containing the message about gay. The data was collected by documentation method and note-taking technique. Afterwards, the data were analyzed using the descriptive method and qualitative method. The result of the study shows there are four types of figurative language by Perrine used in the lyrics of Heaven, there are allegory, simile, paradox, and hyperbole. On another side, there are two types of meaning used in Heaven lyrics, there are connotative meaning and affective meaning.&nbsp; In the discussion, affective meaning is commonly used caused its function can affect the intonation of the utterer, while connotative meaning is used to connect Heaven lyrics as a representation of gay pride. Moreover, two categories of gender were found within the discussion, there were referential gender and grammatical gender. &nbsp;Referential gender played an important role to expose gay pride in Heaven, while referential gender was found to be the major category of gender found in this study.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong>:&nbsp; gay pride, figurative language, meaning, language and gender</p> Elok Surya Rachman ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 08 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Students’ Translation Competence on Translating Figure of Speech from English to Indonesian <p>Knowing how to identify figures of speech, using translation strategies correctly, and having good translation competence are the qualifications to produce good translation products. This study pointed out student translators' translation competence and translation strategies in figures of speech translation by applying the theories of translation strategies by Molina and Albir, figures of speech by Adam, and translation competence by Neubert. This study was designed as descriptive qualitative research. The data were taken from the documentation of students' translation products of the poem "moonlight" and an online questionnaire answered by the participants, six student translators, with certain criteria. The result showed that, out of seven, there were six different figures of speech found. There were seven translation strategies applied by student translators out of 18 translation strategies. Not all of the strategies can be applied to any figures of speech due to the different nature of each of them. The last but not least, student translators have good subject competence and are mostly average in cultural competence but the two competencies do not go in line with transfer competence.</p> Bella Erma Azaria ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 08 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Honorific Loss in Subtitle <p>Subtitled short movies in Indonesian context allow broader and larger viewers. Bringing up less commercial issues, these kinds of movies offer somehow new insight for spectators. When it comes to subtitling, the process of transferring from the spoken to the written mode along with the different languages has always become challenge for the movie translator. The language and cultural difference between the native audience opposed to the target audience often demands translator to take the right decision to transfer. However, language and cultural baarrier persist and even it fails to accommodate. To provide the clearer depiction of this fact, this research accordingly aims to investigate the honorific loss in Javanese-Indonesian subtitle of<em>&nbsp;Lemantun</em>&nbsp;movie. It also explains how the Javanese honorific forms fails to be translated into Indonesian subtitle. This study is descriptive qualititative by focusing on the description of the use of honorific in Javanese subtitle and its loss in Indonesian version. The data were gathered through observation and transcription in both original and translated versions. The data were then interpreted by involving situational and social context as depicted in the screen. The result demonstrated that the honorific forms are identified through its speech level: krama (high honorific), madya (moderate) and ngoko (low) represented in different situation involving different interlocutors. In this movie, the honorific forms is used between (1) children to mother, (2) younger to older sibling, and (3) younger to the respected family member. Unfortunately, the honorific fails to transfer as a consequence of the different linguistic system and linguistc behaviour within which the language is produced. The Indonesian subtitle could not accommodate the honorific nuance as explicitly reflected in the original version. The linguistic behavior and system here become the key factors causing the transfer fails.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Asrofin Nur Kholifah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 12 Aug 2022 06:57:31 +0000 The Analysis of Cosmetic Advertising Language by Using Presupposition Approach <p>The raising of many new cosmetic brands leads the advertiser use various strategies to attract the reader. In line with this, this study was conducted to reveal the marketing strategies used by the cosmetic advertisers in order to attract the readers to buy more their products. This present study analyzed cosmetic advertising language by using presupposition approach. Yule’s and Lam’s theory was used as a guidance to recognize the hidden meaning producing by the advertisers. The data of this analysis were taken from instagram accounts of the international cosmetic brands. There were 20 advertisments from 10 different brands analyzed in this research. The descriprive qualitative method was used since the data in the form of advertisement taglines. The finding of this study found that there were 4 types of presupposition appear in the advertisement they are existential presupposition, lexical presupposition, structural presupposition and non-factive presupposition. While the use of presupposition in cosmetic advertising language was as implicit competition.</p> Vita Zuhriani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 08 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Speech and Language Disorder on King George VI in the King’s Speech <p>This research aims to locate the causes of King George VI’s speech and language disorder in <em>The King’s Speech</em> and how he copes with it. Speech disorders refer to a communication issue and the related areas such as oral motor function and anticipatory anxiety. The movie depicts the story of King George who suffered from stuttering leaving him with speech disorder since childhood. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method, which observes the data of behaviors and events, and is presented through narrative description. The data is examined using Nathan Lavid’s and Wendy Leiner’s theories on speech and language disorder. Lavid stated that stuttering comes into a few types: developmental stuttering and stuttering due to diseases such as stroke, and temporary stuttering caused by a sprained tongue due to surprise or panic. Leiner explained that people with stuttering can receive several rare therapies to reduce or even eliminate their stuttering. This research employs a descriptive qualitative method using Nathan Lavid’s and Wendy Leiner’s theories. The result shows that King Goerge VI had been suffering from developmental stuttering, anticipatory anxiety, and brain plasticity. To overcome these disorders, King George VI underwent auditory masking, singing, and speaking alone. It was found that the flow of speech is unconsciously cut off by repeating and prolonging sounds, syllables, words, or phrases, and the failure to produce sound by an unknowing pause. To fix it, King George VI underwent speech therapy, Brain Plasticity and Maneuvers treatments.</p> Sofia Nurnisa, Adam Damanhuri ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 11 Jul 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Revealing the Euphemism in the Original Trilogy in Star Wars Movies <p>Euphemism is used to cover up taboo topics in a polite way. It will not be challenging to find euphemism expressions in works regarding politeness. Star Wars is one of the works in the science-fiction genre that adopted euphemism in its film due to presenting a habit considered taboo in their works. Star Wars movies are a work that first aired in the 70s era but is still victorious today. It happens because of the creative thinking of the creator, including language use. This research aims to discover the type of taboo words used by the characters. This research also examines the meaning and in what context they produce euphemism words. This research applied the qualitative method by utilizing documentation and transcription to collect the data. The collected data was in the form of words or phrases taken from utterances of Star Wars characters. The result shows that four types of taboos used by Star Wars characters: Discriminatory Language, Bodily Excretion, Death and Disease, and Swear words. In terms of the context, the speakers used euphemisms to express feelings like anger, upset, disappointment, and satisfaction.</p> Devi Nulanasari H.S Putri ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 08 Aug 2022 00:00:00 +0000