LATERNE <p>Jurnal Online "Laterne" diterbitkan oleh Program Studi S-1 Pendidikan Bahasa Jerman Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni Universitas Negeri Surabaya sebagai media untuk menampung karya ilmiah dalam bidang pendidikan bahasa Jerman yang dihasilkan oleh sivitas akademika. Jurnal Online "Laterne" juga dimaksudkan sebagai sarana pertukaran informasi dan sumber rujukan yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan oleh seluruh bagian sivitas akademika dan juga masyarakat umum. Jurnal Online "Laterne" terbit tiga kali dalam setahun.</p> en-US LATERNE 2302-2833 KESESUAIAN MATERI LAMAN PODCAST AUDIO LINGUA SEBAGAI MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN KETERAMPILAN MENYIMAK DALAM PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA JERMAN KELAS XI <p>Listening skills play an important role not only in daily life but also in learning activities, especially in foreign language <br>learning. Audio Lingua is one of the internet-based pages that contains German-language to support the listening skills. Not <br>only has a variety of themes, this page also provides a feature to select podcasts based on several categories, which are <br>language level, duration, and type of speaker. With all these features, Audio Lingua can be an alternative to support the <br>delivery of learning materials in a practical, effective, and fun way. However, this page cannot be used as a learning <br>medium because the material in the podcast must be adjusted in advance based on the applicable learning curriculum<br>criteria. Therefore, the problem formulation in this article is about the material suitability of the Audio Lingua podcast page <br>as a learning media for listening skills in German learning for the 11th grade in 2<br>nd semester. According to the problem <br>formulation, this article has a purpose to describe the analysis results of the material suitability of Audio Lingua podcast <br>page as a learning medium for listening skills in German learning for the 11th grade in 2nd semester. The method used by the <br>author is qualitative method and literature study. The literature review in the article includes the theory of experts regarding <br>listening skills, learning media, and the 2013 curriculum. The analysis process uses content analysis techniques by entering <br>data into the table of conformity instruments which is based on the 2013 curriculum. Based on the results of the analysis, it <br>was concluded that out of fifteen podcasts there was one podcast on the Audio Lingua page that met all the criteria for the <br>2013 curriculum with the theme Tagesablauf, namely a podcast with the title Lena: Mein Alltag.</p> Shelvia Kusumadewi Dwi Imroatu Julaikah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-16 2022-06-16 11 02 1 11 HASIL PENGGUNAAN BUKU NETZWERK A2 TERHADAP KETERAMPILAN MEMBACA SISWA KELAS X SMA NEGERI 1 TAMAN <p>Language is an ability that must be mastered to communicate. According to Tarigan (2015: 10) good reading <br>skills are a support for success in other things. Nutall (2008: 11) also stated that reading is part of the reading <br>comprehension process. The formulation of the problem in this research, namely: 1) how are the learning <br>outcomes of using Netzwerk in German reading skills? 2) how are the learning outcomes of using Deutsch <br>ist einfach in German reading skills? 3) how do the learning outcomes of German reading skills compare <br>with the use of Netzwerk and Deutsch ist einfach? The objectives of this research are 1) to determine the <br>learning outcomes of using the Netzwerk in German reading skills, 2) to determine the learning outcomes of <br>using the Deutsch ist einfach in German reading skills, and 3) to compare the results of learning reading <br>skills in German. Germany against the use of the Netzwerk and Deutsch books ist einfach. The average results <br>of the pretest and posttest obtained in the experimental class, namely 76.29 and 94.6 with the average <br>difference between the two results is 18.31. In the control class, the average pretest was 66.57 and posttest <br>of 77 with an average difference of 10.43. By comparing the average results of the experimental class <br>posttest and the control class obtained an average difference of posttests of the two classes of 17.6. This <br>indicates that the average posttest value of the experimental class is greater than the control class. Then it <br>can be concluded that 1) the use of Netzwerk learning books in learning has a significant good impact on the <br>learning outcomes of reading skills in German subjects class X SMAN 1 Taman; 2) the use of Deutsch ist <br>einfach learning books in teaching and learning activities has a good impact on the learning outcomes of <br>german reading skills class X SMAN 1 Taman; 3) Comparison of the results of learning German reading <br>skills between class X MIPA 1 and X Bahasa obtained the result that the use of Netzwerk learning books <br>applied to experimental classes obtained greater results than the use of learning books Deutsch ist einfach.</p> I Made Dwi Wahyu Krisna Wiryayasa Ari Pujosusanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-22 2022-06-22 11 02 12 24 ANALISIS MATERI YOUTUBE USEFUL GERMAN WITH CHRIS SEBAGAI BAHAN AJAR KETERAMPILAN BERBICARA KELAS XII SEMESTER 1 <p>Currently learning German speaking skills is considered very lacking, it is proven by the number of <br>students who are still wrong in pronouncing Wortschatz and Redemittel. This can be overcome by <br>using appropriate methods, teaching materials, and learning media. In the current technological era, <br>the use of YouTube as a multimedia-based teaching material is favored by most of Generation Z. One <br>of the YouTube that can be used as teaching materials to improve students's German speaking skills <br>is the Useful German with Chris. This channel contains a variety of German learning materials that <br>can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere, there are various themes in each video, it contains <br>interesting animations and sounds filled by native German speakers so that it can be a clear example<br>for students to learn. imitate the words correctly. In this article, the analyzed video is entitled Meine <br>Hobbys. The formulation of the problem in this article is how the content of the - Meine Hobbys video<br>as teaching material for German speaking skills for class XII odd semester students based on the 2013 <br>curriculum. Chris withThe 2013 curriculum is for odd semester 12th graders with storytelling <br>speaking skills related to the theme Freizeitbeschӓftigung und Hobbys. The writing in this article is <br>processed with qualitative descriptive. The source of data in this study is the youtube Useful German <br>with Chris - Meine Hobbys, dan data This research was collected from the content of the video content <br>in the form of oral discourse containing Wortschatz and Redemittel. The technique used in this study <br>is the listening technique, then continued with the note-taking technique for recording something that <br>has been listened to in writing. After all the data has been collected, the next step is data analysis <br>using content analysis techniques by analyzing the suitability between the material items from the <br>video content and the material for the odd semester class XII students with the Freizeitbeschӓftigung <br>und Hobby contained in the 2013 Curriculum. 80% conformity. So with this percentage figure, the <br>YouTube video Useful German with Chris is concluded to be very suitable as teaching material for <br>speaking skills with the type of storytelling with the theme Freizeitbeschӓftigung und Hobby for class <br>XII students in First semester.</p> Cornelia Ramadhani Fahmi Wahyuningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 11 02 25 37 INTERFERENSI KESALAHAN PENGUCAPAN FONEM BAHASA INDONESIA TERHADAP PENGUCAPAN FONEM BAHASA JERMAN YANG DILAFALKAN OLEH SISWA KELAS XII BAHASA DI SMA NEGERI 1 TARIK SIDOARJO <p>Language is an essential thing for human life. Language has a significant role in human life, namely as a <br>means of communication. In learning a new language, there will be interference. Interference is a negative <br>thing that occurs in the second language studied due to the first language, namely the mother tongue used by <br>multilingual speech communities. Interference usually occurs in two languages that have similar language <br>systems. Interference is regular when learning a new language. This study uses a corpus linguistic approach. <br>The data used in this study comes from the students' reading results in voice recordings. Then the data will <br>be analyzed in the form of phoneme text in German. Furthermore, the text data will be categorized according <br>to the location of the consonant errors, such as the beginning of the word, the middle of the word, and the <br>end of the term. Then it will be matched between the transcription of student phonemes with Duden's online <br>dictionary. Most of the students who were the data sources in this study experienced interference errors in <br>the consonants in the /sch/ sequence located at the beginning, middle, and end of the word.</p> Abel Wahyu Syahputri Suwarno Imam Samsul ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-08 2022-06-08 11 02 38 49 ANALISIS BAHAN AJAR VIDEO FREIZEITBESCHÄFTIGUNG PEMBELAJARAN KETERAMPILAN MENYIMAK SISWA KELAS XII SEMESTER I <p>German is a foreign language taught at the high school (SMA) level. There are four language skills including reading, <br>listening, writing and speaking that must be mastered by students. Listening skills are components that have an important <br>role in life, especially in the learning process. The application of listening comprehension is not optimal because many <br>are taught conventionally so that it is considered monotonous for students. The use of German-language videos as teaching <br>materials can be a solution in the application of listening comprehension, because it can make students more interested <br>so that there is an increase in learning motivation and learning becomes fun (Prastowo: 2013). One of the teaching <br>materials that can be applied in listening comprehension is the Freizeitbeschäftigung video from Andrea Thionville's <br>Youtube channel. The use of teaching materials in the learning process must first be matched to the material with the <br>applicable curriculum, namely the 2013 curriculum so that the objectives of the learning process can be achieved. The <br>formulation of the problem is how the Freizeitbeschäftigung video match the 2013 curriculum for class XII SMA learning <br>listening skills. While the purpose of studying this scientific article is to describe the suitability of the <br>Freizeitbeschäftigung video as teaching material for listening comprehension in SMA class XII Semester I. The <br>qualitative method of literature study will be used in writing this scientific article. Sources of data are 4 videos with the<br>theme Freizeitbeschäftigung containing Wortschatz, Redemittel and Grammatic materials which are then analyzed <br>according to the material for free time (Freizeitbeschäftigung/Hobby) based on the 2013 curriculum and syllabus so that <br>they can be applied as teaching materials for listening comprehension. The results of the analysis show that the <br>Wortschatz, Redemittel and Grammatic materials in the Freizeitbeschäftigung video are in accordance with the 2013 <br>curriculum and the criteria for selecting audiovisual teaching materials so that the video can be used as teaching material <br>for listening comprehension for class XII semester I.</p> Okky Bagus Hardiansyah Ari Pujosusanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-07-06 2022-07-06 11 02 50 63