LATERNE <p>Jurnal Online "Laterne" diterbitkan oleh Program Studi S-1 Pendidikan Bahasa Jerman Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni Universitas Negeri Surabaya sebagai media untuk menampung karya ilmiah dalam bidang pendidikan bahasa Jerman yang dihasilkan oleh sivitas akademika. Jurnal Online "Laterne" juga dimaksudkan sebagai sarana pertukaran informasi dan sumber rujukan yang bisa dimanfaatkan untuk pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan oleh seluruh bagian sivitas akademika dan juga masyarakat umum. Jurnal Online "Laterne" terbit tiga kali dalam setahun.</p> en-US (Drs. Suwarno Imam Samsul, M.Pd.) (Yunanfathur Rahman, S.S., M.A.) Sat, 02 Sep 2023 22:47:17 +0000 OJS 60 PENERAPAN MODEL PEMBELAJARAN TGT (TEAM GAME TOURNAMENT) MELALUI MEDIA WORDWALL UNTUK KETERAMPILAN MEMBACA PEMAHAMAN KELAS XI SMAN 1 MENGANTI <p>Comprehension reading skills have become an essential skill that students must master in learning the<br>German language. The subject of German Language at SMAN 1 Menganti is categorized as a<br>specialization subject; however, many students face difficulties in their comprehension reading abilities.<br>To address this issue, it's important to consider various teaching methods and more interactive reading<br>materials. The Team Game Tournament (TGT) learning model encourages collaboration among students,<br>while Wordwall is used as the tournament medium. This research applies a quantitative research method<br>with a pre-experimental one-group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study consists of 30<br>students from class XI-7 at SMAN 1 Menganti. Based on the Test of Normality Wilcoxon test output, the<br>Asymp. Sig. (2-tailed) value obtained is 0.000. Since 0.000 &lt; 0.05, it can be concluded that the alternative<br>hypothesis (Ha) is accepted. This means that there is a difference in learning outcomes before and after<br>using the TGT model through Wordwall . Therefore, it can be inferred that there is an influence of using<br>the TGT learning method through Wordwall on the reading comprehension learning outcomes of students<br>in class XI-7 at SMAN 1 Menganti.</p> Naila Nur Afiyah, Fahmi Wahyuningsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 11 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000