Solah <p><span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Jurnal Online Program Studi S-1 Pendidikan Seni Drama, Tari Dan Musik - Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni UNESA</span></span></p> Prodi S1 Pendidikan Sendratasik FBS Unesa en-US Solah 2252-9276 NGRÊSÊK DANCE WORK AS AN EXPRESSION OF THE MEANING OF GHIBAH <p><em>Ngrêsêk’s</em> dance work is a work inspired by the social phenomenon of backbiting, which is a negative behavior by talking abaout the disgrace or badness of other people, which in fact the conversation is not important and not useful. Backbiting can even cause social tension and other bad influences for oneself and others. The choreographer then analogizes backbiting as trashy behavior, because it can be associated between speech or talk that discusses the bad things of other people in backbiting as trash. Based on this, the choreographer was interested in turning it into a corrective dance work. In Ngresek’s dance work, there are two focuses of the work, namely the focus on the content on uncovering the meaning of backbiting as trashy bevahior, and the focus on the form presented in the form of dance theatre.</p> ayu ratna sari Dra. Jajuk Dwi Sasanadjati, M.Hum ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 14 24 Temperamental VISUALIZATION OF TEMPERAMENTAL CHARACTERS IN DRAMATIC FORMS IN THE DANCE WORK BAD TUDE <p>The dance work <em>"Bad Tude"</em> is a dance work that describes temperamental character and emotional management. This dance work departs from the choreographer's empirical experience of the temperamental character he has experienced. This character has a bad impact on oneself and the environment because it is difficult to control emotions, causing aggression that can threaten the lives of others. The choreographer's sense of remorse for temperamental behavior makes the choreographer aware to avoid this behavior by managing emotions. This work has two focuses, namely the content focus on temperamental character and emotional management. the focus of this form of work uses a form of dramatic dance. This dance work uses the method from Alma Hawkins as a rule for carrying out the work process. The method consists of exploration, improvisation, and formation. This dance work is presented on the proscenium stage using a representative symbolic mode of presentation. The style and variety of movements used are the result of an exploration of aggression in temperamental people such as shouting, slapping, kicking which are developed so that they become the identity of the work.</p> IRfan Nur Mahmudi Dr. Setyo Yanuartuti M.Si ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 25 38 CONCEPT AND PROCESS OF CREATING THE DANCE FILM "DEPRESSION" <p>&nbsp;The Depresi dance work is a work that departs from personal experience. The phenomenon raised in this dance work often occurs in family relationships, namely broken homes which have an impact on mental disorders in children due to inharmonious parental relationships. This work chooses to focus on expressing motion symbols in people who are depressed, as well as highlighting depressive behaviors due to the impact of parental relationships. So that it causes children to lose interest in various things through the form of dance film performances using the type of dramatic dance. It is hoped that this dance work can be appreciated by the audience and connoisseurs so that they can find out about children who are experiencing depression. This dance work has a message conveyed to the audience that each child can overcome their trauma in their own way. Children who are depressed should not drag on in sadness. As a parent, you must be able to maintain the child's behavior in the problems you face. So that the child is not depressed and does not have excessive mental burden.</p> <p>In the process of the dance work, Depresi uses the theory from Jacqueline Smith about choreography, elasticity, and staccato which helps in realizing the concept in a dance film. As a choreographer, interpreting this phenomenon is done through a creation process, namely exploration, improvisation, composition, analysis, evaluation and finishing. The delivery of dance works through motion symbols in the exploration process as well as references to the stylist's experience are poured into dance films using cinematography. Visualization of children who experience trauma or depression is interpreted through symbols of motion and reveals solutions in healing depression to achieve peace in their life experiences.</p> <p>Dance film works that visualize depression can be observed through the curves of body movements. When the process of creating the motion that appears is a real memory in everyday life as an incident experienced by the choreographer. So that the condition of describing depression has an impact that appears and influences a person's psychological condition.</p> Moh. Tegar Fajar Asmawardhana Drs. Bambang Sugito M.Sn ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 51 63 PERWUJUDAN PERMAINAN TRADISIONAL PETAK UMPET MELALUI KARYA TARI SKIT <p><em>Hide and seek is one type of traditional game in Indonesia. But with the development of the times, the game of hide and seek slowly began to disappear. There are many factors that influence the lack of existence of hide and seek games, such as technological advances. Based on this phenomenon, the choreographer raised the topic of hide and seek games to introduce the younger generation to the game of hide and seek. Scyth's dance work is a depiction of the traditional game of hide and seek. The content of this dance work is a working idea that is revealed into 5 sub-themes based on the big theme in the hope that it can communicate the big theme of children's play to connoisseurs of works and can also be an inspiration for connoisseurs of works. </em></p> <p><em>In Skit's dance&nbsp;&nbsp; work, the choreographer uses choreography theory by Alma Hawkins (1990: 20) as a reference in the formation of the work. The choreographer also used the concept of Homo Ludens (1938) which said that traditional games are games that will incorporate culture and character against the perpetrators. By using theories and concepts in cultivation, choreographers have created traditional games in the form of dance works and in accordance with the concepts that have been designed. </em><em>&nbsp;The form of this dance work is in the form of dramatic dance that is realized in the structure depicted in the scenario and elements according to the sub-themes in each scene. According to the dramatic plot, it was found that the dramatic form design of the dramatic form design in this dance work is a double cone. </em></p> Natalia Roslavina Utomo Dr. Setyo Yanuartuti M.Si ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 1 13 THE DANCE WORK “FOMO ON TIKTOK” AS AN EXPRESSION OF THE FEAR OF LEAVING THERE TIKTOK TREND IN THE FORM OF DRAMATIC TYPES <p><em>Fomo On TikTok</em> dance work is a work that describes a person's feelings of fear if they are left behind by a current trend. This work departs from the phenomenon of <em>Fear Of Missing Out</em> which is interpreted in Indonesian, namely fear of being left behind. The focus of this work is about the fear of being left behind by trends on the TikTok application that can cause anxiety. The focus of the form in this work is the dramatic dance type form. Dramatic dance type forms that will be related to construction method 1, including initial stimulation, determination of dance type, determination of presentation mode, improvisation, evaluation, selection and refinement, and finally motifs. The feeling of fear of being left behind towards the TikTok trend is expressed through the properties of ringlight and klewer cloth which is then removed describing such as the fear of being left behind The feeling of being left behind towards the TikTok trend is also expressed verbally through accompaniment music, creator content sentences and even TikTok movements that are verbally included in this work.</p> putri ameilia haryono Dr. Setyo Yanuartuti M.Si ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 39 50 BENTUK PENYAJIAN KARYA TARI “LOBER” SEBAGAI VISUALISASI PERANG PUPUTAN DI PAMEKASAN <p>The phenomenon that will be raised in this work is about the history of Puputan Pamekasan's war against Mataram where Madurese women, especially Pamekasan, had an important role in fighting the Mataram kingdom. In the Puputan war there were women who fought, that's when the woman would join the war to help the man from among the common people who also participated in the war. The appropriate and appropriate title in this choreography, "Lober", means in Indonesian "finished, finished". The focus in the creation of the dance work "Lober" is divided into two, namely form and content. The form contains the concept of dramatic type dance, while the content tells the story of the toughness of Pamekasan women, when the man who fights experiences defeat that's when the woman will join the war to help the man by risking his body and soul to jointly maintain his power, even though in the end he still loses. The choreographer expressed the idea of using the Madurese dance style based on the construction method I by Jacquiline Smith.</p> <p>In this dance work "Lober", the arranger uses live accompaniment with the collaboration of tong-tong (daul) and Madura gamelan musical instruments. The music of "Lober" the arranger combines the slendro-barreled gamelan musical instrument combined with a modern musical instrument, namely daul music. The writing of this thesis aims to describe the form of presentation of "Lober" dance including title, theme, synopsis, style, technique, makeup and clothing, dance music and supporting elements. The creation process is based on the theory of Y. Sumandiyo Hadi and Jacquiline Smith. The techniques and styles in this dance work use Madurese style derived from traditional forms of movement developed by processing the bodies of five female dancers in order to adjust the characters in this dance work.</p> riski asmyranda Dra. Noordiana M.Sn ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-07-28 2023-07-28 9 1 64 77