The Dynamics of Intercultural Communication in Yayasan Kaki Dian Emas

(Study of Papuan Ethnic Phenomenology on Elaboration with Other Tribes based on Anxiety and Uncertainty Management Theory)

  • Gabriella Vici Sinuhaji UNESA


Being in an environment with a different cultural background will form a nervous and anxious attitude towards someone in the communication process. As explained by Gudykunst that when individuals with other individuals with different cultural backgrounds are in the same environment and trying to build the communication process it will experience feelings of uncertainty and loss. This uncertainty generally refers to a feeling of being able to predict another person (stranger), while anxiety refers to worry. This study aims to see the dynamics of communication experienced by ethnic Papuan students at the Yayasan Kaki Dian Emas regarding elaboration with other students. This research uses the theory of Anxiety and Uncertainty Management (AUM) proposed by William B. Gudykunst in 1993. The theory that has been put forward by Gudykunst discusses the management of a person's anxiety and uncertainty, in this study the researcher uses this theory to analyze the level and management of uncertainty and the anxiety experienced by ethnic Papuan students at the Kaki Dian Emas Foundation regarding their elaboration with other tribes. In this study, the researchers found that there was a sense of uncertainty and anxiety in these students when placed with people who have different cultural backgrounds from them (stranger). Keyword: The dynamics of communication intercultural; Papua students; The management of a person’s anxiety and uncertainty
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