Pengaruh Event Marketing Video Call K-Pop Terhadap Brand Awareness Mecimapro Pada Masa Pandemi

  • Daffa Amalia Yulfininda Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Mutiah S.Sos., M.I.Kom.


This research has a purpose to investigate the influence of K-Pop video call marketing event on Mecimapro’s brand awareness at pandemic era as well as to find out the level of achievement from the influence. The emergence of activity limitations due pandemic, Mecimapro as a music promoter service organized a K-Pop video call event to gain awareness of the target market amid disruptions by the economic crisis. Through the event, Mecimapro invited the target market to felt the new experience with idols through the 1:1 video call and carried out marketing communication strategies to be knowing more and recognized. This study used a quantitative approach by survey method and used a questionnaire to collect the data with likert scale. To analize the data, researcher use the correlation test and a simple linear regression test. The results of the study are there is a significant influence between K-Pop video call marketing event on Mecimapro brand awareness and the total achievement of the influence are 45.3% positively and in a direction. Based on analysis of the data, the K-Pop video call marketing event gain the high score at intensity through the participant that can give awareness on Mecimapro. Therefore, it can be seen that when event marketing increases, brand awareness also increases.
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