Development of Electronic Worksheet Based on Scientific Approach to Train Critical Thinking Skills on Membrane Transport Topic

  • Lusiana Anggraini Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Lisa Lisdiana Universitas Negeri Surabaya


In this 21st century, students need to be mastered with skills that help them face this challenging era. One of the skills is critical thinking skills. Students’ critical thinking skills can be train by innovating teaching materials which integrated with scientific approach. This study aims to produce Electronic Worksheets based on a scientific approach to train critical thinking skills on membrane transport materials that are valid, practical, and effective. This development uses the 4-D development model (Define, Design, Develop, Disseminate). The parameters measured were validity, practicality, and effectiveness. The data analysis was using quantitative descriptive techniques. The validity of the electronic worksheet was assessed by 3 validators and obtained an average percentage of 3.69 with a very valid category. Practicality was determined based on the results of observations conducted by 4 observers during the implementation of Electronic Worksheet which got an average percentage of 93.28% in the very practical category. Effectiveness was determined based on the assessment of learning outcomes and got a post-test completeness score of 83.33% in the very effective category, the N-gain score was 0.69 in the moderate category, the average completeness of each critical thinking indicator was 80.18%, and in terms of student responses got an average percentage of 98.14% which was included in the very effective category. Electronic Worksheet is suitable for use at class XI SMA based on the aspects of validity, practicality, and effectiveness. Electronic Worksheet that has been developed can enrich alternative teaching materials in schools.

Keywords: Electronic Worksheet, scientific approach, critical thinking skills, membrane transport, secondary education.

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