Analisis Video “Introduce Yourself in German” sebagai Bahan Ajar Tambahan Keterampilan Berbicara Peserta Didik Kelas X Semester I

  • Cahyaning Wulandari Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Dwi Imroatu Julaikah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Speaking skill become the expression of thought and feeling that are conveyed orally. Therefore, the skill
of speaking is important to be mastered by the learner of German language. In speaking skill, Redemittel
is needed as a speaking guide. However, for student, speaking is a difficult skill, so teaching materials are
needed that can improve speaking skills. In this era, internet has developed and provided various
alternatives of teaching materials that can be used in teaching speaking German. Easy German is a
YouTube site that provides videos in German language from A1 level until C2 with various learning
materials and it is able to be accessed by learners in the world. The A1 video from youtube site of Easy
German can be used as an alternative of teaching material. There are videos that can be used for learning
German class X on the Easy German site, namely three video series entitled Introduce Yourself in
German. However, before using the video, it is needed to analyze the suitability of the material with the
applicable curriculum in order to know the eligibility. The research problem in this article is how the
appropriateness of the Redemittel in the video “Introduce Yourself in German” as additional teaching
material for German speaking skill for class X first semester. The objective of this article is to describe
the suitability of Redemittel in the video “Introduce Yourself in German” the teaching material of
speaking skill of class X first semester. This article is composed with qualitative approach. The data
source of this article is three video series “Introduce Yourself in German”. The data collection technique
of this article is the documentation method and then anlayzed for the suitability of the Redemittel material
based on curriculum 2013 for class x first semester. Based on the analysis of the suitability of the
material, it was found that the three videos “Introduce Yourself in German” was in accordance with the
selection criteria for teaching materials and the 2013rd curriculum. Therefore, video “Introduce Yourselfin
German” can be used as the additional teaching material for students of class X first semester.

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