Denial as Fundamental of Alyssa’s Identity Development in Chasing Amy (1997)



The impact of denial and social influences on bisexual identity development is explored in the film Chasing Amy (1997). The study examines the character of Alyssa and her journey as a bisexual woman using a theoretical framework based on Freudian defences, identity development models and social identity theories. Significant conclusions about the delicate relationship between denial and identity development are drawn from a careful analysis of the film, including dialogue and gestures. Alyssa's tragic history informs her use of denial as a defensive technique, resulting in the repression of painful memories and feelings that hinder her acceptance and integration of her bisexuality. The study also explores the impact of socio-cultural influences on Alyssa's identity negotiation process. Cultural expectations, prejudices and stereotypes about bisexuality create a constant contradiction between her actual experiences and societal norms. This persistence of binary thinking makes it difficult for Alyssa to negotiate her identity and find self-acceptance. The findings add to the body of knowledge on denial and identity development, particularly in the context of bisexuality. They highlight the need to create welcoming and accepting environments that encourage the discovery and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and identities. This research has implications for counselling and support services by highlighting the need to address denial and societal factors in therapeutic approaches. It also argues for societal changes that promote the acceptance and affirmation of multiple identities. This study offers significant perspectives on the intricate interplay between denial, and the development of identity. The statement underscores the importance of establishing conditions that facilitate individual development and self-validation, while also expanding our comprehension of the challenges individuals encounter as they navigate their sense of self.

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