Author Guideline

Author Guidelines

General Guide

  1. The objective of the Publika is to publish original research, thinking, viewpoints, and dissemination of knowledge in Public Administration and Public Sector Innovations.
  2. All Articles published in Publika are open access and have the CC-BY-NC-SA license.
  3. The manuscript article should be written by at least 2 authors, preferably from different institution and country.
  4. The article are an empirical and theoretical study. The sharpness of critically empirical analysis and synthesis is much prioritized.
  5. The article sent to Publika comes from the original empirical study or the theoretical study about public administration and/or public sector innovations (See the scopes in Publika).
  6. The article should use at least 75% of the newest references (not more than 10 years) and consists of (at least) 75% article from a scientific journal.
  7. The review process is conducted in double blind review process with the peer group system, which is reinforced by the qualified reviewers in their field.
  8. The article is original guaranteed by the writer and is not published by the other journals / proceedings.
  9. The article is written according to the rule of Publika and an editorial team reserves the right to revise the style of writing with a note that it does not change the intent and quality of the article (See the template of Publika).
  10. Questionnaires and other instruments. Manuscript articles that use primary data research or experimentation must also include the questionnaires.
  11. The manuscript for Publika is highly recommended to be sent online by registering in the Publika's website ( If you have a problem with the online submission, the Article can be sent to the Publika's email (


Special Guide

  1. The manuscript length is about maximum 15 pages
  2. The paper size is A4 (210 x 297 mm), it is two coloums and the page setup is; top margin 2,5cm; bottom margin 2,5cm; left margin 2cm and right margin 2cm.
  3. The title of the manuscript is writen in English or Indonesian (Times New Roman, size 12, bold, capital letter for all words and lef center)
  4. The author name (without title) must be accompanied by the name, full address of the institution (Departement, institution name and city), and the email of each author.
  5. Abstract is in form a paragraph, consisting of (maximum) 300 words, and written in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Abstract uses Times New Roman, size 10. This abstract is a summary of the manuscript, including description and result of the research. More information can be found in the template.
  6. Keywords (consist of 3 – 5 words) are located under the abstract and written in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Keywords  separatd by semicolon (;), size 10pt. Times New Roman.
  7. The manuscript (introduction, literature review, research method, analysis and discussion, and conclusion) uses Times New Roman Size 10, Line spacing 1 line, A4 Paper size (210 x 297mm) with the margin is 2cm on each side. More details can be found in the journal template.
  8. The paragraph is written in justify. Inter-paragraph is given 1.15 line spacing.
  9. The table uses a line with a thickness of 1 pt with a 10 or adjusted letter size. The table title is inserted above the table. This also applies to table format. See the example in journal template.
  10. Equation(s) is numbered with Arabic numerals on the right in parenthesess. The equation should use the International System (SI) and its abbreviations should be avoided unless they have been defined previously or a commonly used abbreviation. Footnotes are nor allowed.
  11. Referencess refers to APA Style (American Psychological Association), use sources (journal article or book).
  12. All articles submited to Publika will be read and reviewed blindly (double blind peer review) by (minimum) 1 peer – reviewers who are experts in their field. The acceptance of an article depends on the truth ef the content, the degree of originality, the clarity of description, and the comformity with the objective of the journal.
  13. The editorial team authorized to accept, return the manuscript for revision, and/or reject the submitted manuscript. For further information, please contact Publika editor team via email