• Moh. Ni’amun Nafis Mahfudiansyah Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Agus Ridwan Universitas Negeri Surabaya


For a company that produces goods or only provides services to the public, advertising is an important key
as a promotional and marketing so that potential consumers are interested in buying products or using the
company's services. In addition to a good poster as a visual key, the advertising sentence that becomes the
headline in an advertising poster also has a significant role in attracting consumers' attention to the goods
or services offered. As a company that offers food delivery services, Lieferando.de has several advertising
sentences with unique sentence construction. Of course, the unique advertising sentence aims to attract the
attention of potential Lieferando.de service users. More specifically, the Lieferando.de ad sentence chosen
by the author is a sentence with a construction in which several elements of the sentence are applied. Furthermore, the ad sentence will be examined by the author so that we know what is meant and the
purpose of the ad sentence. This research is related to Kommunikative Minimaleinheiten in ellipsis
sentences in the advertisement of the company Lieferando.de in Germany (study of syntactic stylistics). This research is a qualitative research related to the selected data. Researchers used Halliday's theory (1976)
and Searle's theory (1969) to analyze the data. Researchers obtained data for five (5) advertising posters
from online food advertising pages. The data obtained in the form of advertising posters containing ellipsis
sentences. Researchers used a qualitative descriptive method in this study. The results of the data analyzed
showed that four (4) advertisements of the Lieferando.de company used ellipsis and one (1) advertisement
that did not use punctuation because the verbs used could be intransitive verbs. In the four advertisements
that use ellipsis sentences, there are two (2) advertisements that fall into the category of lexical ellipsis
because the main verbs are essen and auswählen. Furthermore, the researcher found that were included in the operator ellipsis category because the auxiliary verbs were dürfen and haben. In
five (5) the data are included in the illocutionary power of suggesting. The Lieferando.de advertisement
which was researched using ellipsis and illocutionary power suggested to convey the message in a simple
way and create a unique sentence construction.

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