• Fikri Tirta Kusuma Atmaja Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Agus Ridwan Universitas Negeri Surabaya


This study aims to describe the exclamatory sentence in the Astra Bier ad text. The background of this study
is the various exclamatory sentences by Astra Bier. These variatons in the exclamatory sentence need to be
analyzed more deeply so that readers can understand the intention of the advertisement and do not cause
misperceptions. This research will focus on the form of the exclamatory sentence. Related to this focus, this
study will describe the construction of exclamative sentence that based on the syntatic feature which is
exclamation mark and associated with the use of emotional signs which are modal particle and interjection
as well as wie + adjective or was für ein. For the present study the data are derived from the official website
of Astra Bier, Pinterest and eBay that have Astra Bier ad text, which include 2 exclamatory sentences
Nichtausrufesatz and 5 exclamatory sentences Ausrufesatz. The exclamatory sentence Ausrufesatz has
emotional signs and exclamation mark but the exclamatory sentence Nichtausrufesatz has only exclamation
mark. research was analyzed using Tymtschenko’s theory (2015) that supported by Poźlewicz (2013) about
the constructions and the types of exclamatory sentences, Weinrich (1993) about modal particle, Nübling
(2004) about interjection as well as Gallman (2009) about the forms of sentences. Based on the above
theories, it is found that the research result shows that the exclamatory sentences can be formed the same as
declarative, interrogative and imperative sentences based on the verbs position as well as the structure of
wie + adjective or was für ein.

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