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Avita Amelia


This study addresses associated with habitus artists Wayang Topeng Malang in padepokan
Asmoro Bangun. A group of artists that have a culture Pendalungan as the mix of cultures
between the ethnicities of Java to Madura. A group of artists Pendalungan that has a blood
descendant of mbah Karimun of course there are still thick with the values of the maestro Mask
Malang. On the other hand, a group of artists Pendalungan other has a habit of its own in art,
because of the different understanding. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to identify the
culture Pendalungan in Wayang Topeng Malang Asmoro Bangun and habitus of the actors of his
art, which is analyzed through the theory of Habitus Pierre Bordieu. The method used in this
research is qualitative approach with ethnographic James P. Spraedly. Location of the research
conducted at padepokan Asmoro Bangun. The subject comes from a group of artists Wayang
Topeng Malang Asmoro Bangun is still active. The results of this study show that the artist
Wayang Topeng Malang who have breeds breeds of mbah Karimun has habitus berspiritual and
actualization, so that can improve the social status in the society. Different is the case with artist
Wayang Topeng Malang in padepokan Asmoro Bangun other. This is due to the owned capital
is quite limited, so it must work harder to maintain its existence, even though they have a
habitus different.
Keywords : Habitus, Artist, Wayang Topeng Malang, Pendalungan Society

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