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Firman Dhino Paraton



The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of society, from social to economic aspects. Banyuwangi as "Santet of Java" gives its own label in the eyes of the community, whether Indonesian society in general or Banyuwangi society itself. With the many magical things labeled in the Banywuangi community, a job as a shaman or visiting a shaman is nothing new in this city. Visiting a magician has the goal of being enlightened so that he can carry out trading activities properly and with direction. This study aims to determine the social and economic impacts that arise due to the Covid-19 pandemic, determine the role of magic during the pandemic and also the use of magic in the trading world of the Banyuwangi community. This study uses a qualitative method using the phenomenological approach of Alfred Schutz. And using Alfred Schutz's theory to find out the motives of people who have jobs as traders to come to Magicians during the pandemic. The results showed that the informants had various family backgrounds, ranging from middle to lower to upper middle families. The informants have the same background as parents who have jobs as traders. During the Covid-19 pandemic overflowing in Indonesia, all aspects of people's lives experienced negative impacts, ranging from economic, social, to other aspects. Especially in terms of trade, especially for the Banyuwangi community, this can be a factor for informants to come to Kyai, they feel that they need a lot of guidance to continue their lives despite the difficulties they experienced during the pandemic. According to Alfred Schutz, this is included in the motive for the action In order To Motives. Meanwhile, they came to Kyai on the grounds that their parents introduced them to them, according to Alfred Schutz this was included in Because Motives. Magic has its own role for traders especially in Banyuwangi. As the City of Santet and with the existence of the Indonesian shaman association, occult things are very attached to the community

 Keywords: Magic, Trade, Covid-19, Banyuwangi


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