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Aniq Ifadah


Islamic boarding schools are places where students learn to gain knowledge and religion, they live in Islamic boarding schools to learn about everyday life, but nowadays Islamic boarding schools are included in the campaign area of political figures to seek votes, because in Islamic boarding schools it is identical if the students will obeying the Kiai's fatwa, this is used as an excuse to seek voices for political actors so that Islamic boarding schools are used as campaign areas in democratic parties. This study aims to identify the Kiai's recommendations for students regarding political choices in 2019, knowing the responses of students and analyzing the motives of students in the 2019 presidential election. This study uses a qualitative method using a phenomenological approach. Alfred Schutz's theory was used to find out the motives of the santri to resist the Kiai's fatwa. The results showed that there were several reasons why students did resistance, namely the family of students who supported other pairs of candidates, and students who felt disturbed by the campaign in the Islamic boarding school environment. santri said that the Islamic boarding school was often visited by political actors to ask for prayers from the Kiai, and continued with campaigns during the teaching and learning process. Kiai gave advice to choose one of the pairs of candidates, namely Prabowo Subianto, but in reality the students did resistance by choosing a candidate pair they believed in.
Keywords: Resistance, Islamic boarding schools, President's Choice, Politics.

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