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Siti Mukharomah


This study aims to understand the meaning of mentally retarded students' report cards.
Mentally retarded students are students who experience intelectual ability below average, so
they need special education. Special schools (SLB) are formal educational institutions
specifically for mentally retarded students. The output of SLB is usually in the form of report
cards. The report card value is a collection of student learning outcomes for one semester.
Interestingly, this study shows a lack of parental participation in the report card scores of
mentally retarded students, even though these report cards have deep meaning for their
teachers. This research method is qualitative with Edmund Husserl's phenomenological
approach as an intentionality in the subject's experience. The research location is centered in
Tunas Harapan 1 Special School in Jombang as one of the most popular special schools in
Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that there are three meanings of the value of the
mentally retarded students' report cards for the SLB teacher. Namely, the meaning of the
demands of the teaching profession, students' intellectual abilities, and social manipulation.
Keyword : Phenomenology of Report Cards, Mentally Impaired Students, Teachers,

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