Analisis Diskursus Rasisme Mahasiswa Papua di Kota Surabaya

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Yanius Kogoya


The purpose of this study to analyze racism speech against Papuan students in
Surabaya, using the concepts and theory of Foucault's power of knowledge and Foucauldian
analysis methods. Data analysis techniques by looking at the statements of the subject either by
means of interviews or through statements in the media. The results of this study produce eight
discourses that reflect the ideology of the subject. Official Discourse First, the official
government discourse "Special Autonomy", "Development", "Armed Criminal Groups /
terrorists", this official discourse legitimizes through accelerated development and marginalizes
opposition groups. Second, the discourse of the central political elite "Papua is Conducive",
"Justice", "Unity", "Special Autonomy", "Comprehensive Attention", "Papua is Part of the
Integral of the Republic of Indonesia", "Autonomy as a Solution", political elites address victims
opportunist sumultan. When, racists "Monkey" "Provocation", "Hoak", a group that reproduces
the discourse of political racism. Fourth, the discourse of the pro-integration society; "Unity",
"Love of Peace", "Papua is part of Indonesia", the pro-integration movement wants to remain
within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia. Another alternative discourse, continued
fifth, is the discourse of student victims of "We Are God's Creations, Not Monkeys",
"Reactionary Organizations", "Justice", the alternative discourse of victims rejecting
abnormalities and demanding constitutional enforcement. Sixth, the discourse of the Papuan
Student Alliance (PSA) "Injustice", "Reject Special Autonomy", "Free Papua", the PSA
movement of subversion of the dominant ideology, as well as the free Papua refreedom
movement. The goal is the discourse of the Papuan anti-racism "Special Autonomy After Free
Papua", "We Are Not a Monkey Nation, We Are Human", "Mobilization", the discourse of the
Papuan people's aspirations for emancipation from the victims of discourse. eighth Counter
discourses objectively "International Issues", "Victims of Discourse", "Human Rights / HR",
"New Kind Of Nationalism", "Injustice", "This Nation Does Not Like History", a counter
discourse from the views of intellectuals from the margins of power. In this research, the racism
utterance of "Monkey" is an entry point in the analysis of the struggle between dominant
ideologies and ideologies of subordination as well as counter discourses.
Key words: Discourse, Power / Knowledge. Monkey Racism, Struggle Ideology

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