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Moch Syamsul Hadi


The goverment of Kelurahan Ngagel Rejo in 2016 reported that 18 minimarkets were operating
in the area. The presence of many minimarkets operating in Ngagel Rejo has an impact on
grecery traders who have been operating for a long time. This study aims to determine how far
the constructions of thought that has been built since the establishment of the minimarket for
grocery store traders. The research location in Pasar Krukah, Ngagel Rejo, Wonokromo,
Surabaya City. This study uses a qualitative approach using the prespective analysis of Peter L.
Berger’s social construction theory. The results of this study indicate that the grocery traders in
Pasar Krukah have been distrupted by the pre and post-operation conditions of minimarket.
Minimarket for grocer is considered as friend or foe. This situation also forces the grocery
traders to mutually solidify with the situation of fellow grocery traders. On the one hand, they
also need to reproduce their business strategy, in an effort to adapt to the presence of a
Keywords: Grocery trader, minimarket, social construction, and business strategy.

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