The Addition of Plastic Bottle Fiber (POLYETHYLENE) As An Additive To Concrete Roof Tile Against Mechanical Ability Test

Penambahan Serat Botol Plastik (POLYETHYLENE) Sebagai Bahan Tambah Pada Genteng Beton Terhadap Uji Kemampuan Mekanis

  • Muhammad Rokim Author


The Plastic waste in the community is a serious problem at the present time. The difficulty of the plastic to be decomposed by natural decomposer is one of the reason we need a way to minimalize the used of plastics. So, there need to be some innovations in plastic waste recycling, one of them is to recycle those plastic wastes into fibres as additional material on concrete roof tiles. Those concrete roof tiles are qualified to SNI 0096:2007 on concrete roof tiles requirements. The purpose of this study was to determine the average flexural load, water seepage, water absorption, visible properties and quality of concrete tile from all variations of fiber plastic bottles. It is compatible, because basically concrete has its disadventages of being brittle and rigid against tensile strength test. Variations in plastic bottle fibers used in this study, 0%, 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5% by weight of sand. The size of the plastic bottle is 1-3 mm wide by 5 cm long. Mix designs used in this study, 1 cement: 2 sand: 1 lime mill. The results of testing the flexural strength, visible properties, water absorption, and water seepage, obtained results that are constantly increasing. The results of the flexural strength, 0% variation obtained flexural load results 1972.8 N, 0.5% variable results obtained bending load results 2039.6 N, 1% variable results obtained bending load results 2378.6 N, and 1.5% variable results obtained bending load 2436.4 N. The addition fiber of plastic bottle by 1,5% of the weight of sand is the maximum percentage of composition fiber of plastic bottle because all mechanical tests still meet SNI 0096:2007. Therefore, adding this plastic fiber, besides to reduce the waste, plastic can also be used to increase the quality of concrete roof tiles.
Key words : Concrete roof tiles, plastic fibres, flexural strength, water absorption

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