Analisis Tingkat Kerusakan Jalan Beserta Metode Perbaikan Pada Konstruksi Perkerasan Lentur Jalan Menggunakan Metode Pavement Condition Index (PCI) (Study Kasus: Jalan Peterongan - Jogoroto, Kabupaten Jombang)

  • Aditya Putra Darmawan Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Roads are infrastructure to serve the movement of people to support the pace of the economy. In order to serve the needs of the community well, efforts need to be made to maintain the quality of the road pavement. One of the efforts to maintain the quality of the pavement is to carry out maintenance and repairs on the damaged road surface. The road damage that is the focus of this study is on Jalan Peterongan –Jogoroto Province, Jombang Regency, East Java. Assessment of the level of road damage using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) method and its repair method. The survey of the 5 km Peterongan-Jogoroto road which is divided into 25 segments, with a length of 200 meters per segment. The results of the road survey indicate the following types of damage: crocodile skin cracks, block cracks, edge cracks, longitudinal cracks, skid cracks, potholes, obesity, subsidence, release of aggregate grains, fillings, shoals, bumps and drops, and curls. The results of the analysis carried out on the Peterongan-Jogoroto road using the PCI method obtained an average PCI value of 51 (Enough), with the lowest PCI value being in segment 8 with a value of 3 (Failed). The best pavement condition in segment 23 with road conditions without damage. Recommendations for repair methods that can be carried out are reconstruction, overlay and maintenance by asphalting, filling holes, closing cracks, leveling, and spreading sand.

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