Representation of Dark Memes in 9GAG Site: Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach

  • Widya Tri Krisna Ayu UNESA


This study intends to contribute to linguistics studies in systemic functional linguistics topic. The problem formulations discussed are (1) The transitivity and metafunctions found in dark memes on the 9GAG site, and (2) The transitivity and metafunctions representation in 9GAG dark memes. This study uses Kress & Leeuwen's theory of three metafunctions and Haliday's transitivity systemic functional linguistics (SFL). This study uses a qualitative descriptive method using a case study approach, and it is completed by describing the data and information obtained. The writer uses books and scientific journals, data sources are downloaded from the 9GAG website, and the final stage will conclude the analysis results. In this study, the data collection is using the observation and documentation method. Based on this study's results, ideational, interpersonal, textual, and several transitivity processes are found. Also, dark memes are entertainment communication platforms that have negative representations. Visual and verbal modes can make it easier for viewers (those who see dark memes) to capture the representation conveyed by the writer. This study suggests that readers understand the more in-depth representation of a dark meme by using systemic functional linguistics theory. Therefore, readers can know more about the information to be received. 

Keywords: meme, metafunction language, systemic functional linguistic, transitivity.  

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