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  • Suwarno Imam Samsul Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Reading skills are the most basic skills in learning a language, especially German. However, reading activities are often considered boring because they only contain writing and sentences that are difficult to understand. This scientific article aims to create a support / media that can be applied by students in learning German. The media is named Rätselbuch. Rätsel means puzzle and buch means book. Rätselbuch is a guide book in the form of riddles, word arrangement and puzzle games that can sharpen students' brains by having to compose several sentences by reading the rules and word pieces to be compiled first. The source of the data or material to be used in the Rätselbuch media comes from the textbook Deutsh der erste Kontakt by Renika Veronika, et al. The material used is the theme of Kennenlernen or basic knowledge of Germany with the sub-theme of Sich vorstellen which means self-introduction and Andere vorstellen which means introducing others. This scientific article uses the scientific article development method based on Sadiman's theory which begins in (1) Analyzing the difficulties of students, (2) Formulating objectives, (3) Formulating material, (4) developing measuring tools for success, (5) Writing media texts and ending in (6) Revision and validation of the Rätselbuch media. The results obtained are 91% with very valid criteria from the first material validator and a score of 72% with quite valid criteria from the second material validator. Meanwhile, in terms of visual and media design, a score of 66% was obtained with quite valid criteria from the media expert validator.


Keywords: Rätselbuch, Development, Reading Skills, German Language