• Putri Pradna Ashari Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Suwarno Imam Samsul Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Suwarno Imam Samsul Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Language have an important role in a communication. Every individual can learn a language. Have a many how know a language,
both national language or foreign language for communication with other people one of which is language learning in school. One of
them learning at school. language learning at school that we have met from elementary to high school. Generally the national
language taught is Indonesian and the foreign is English. German is one of the foreign in High school taught. German language have
four skills is reading skill, written skill, speaking skill, and listening skill. Speaking is productive skill because the student express the
words directly. Speaking skill is important skill after listening skill. Proved by Rivers (dalam Sutari dkk, 1997:8). that states that most
adult use 45% their time for heed, 30% for speaking, 16% for reading, 9% for writing. The purpose of this written scientific article is
for to knowing about compatibility speaking exercise in Deutsch ist Einfach 2 books with curriculum 2013. The writing this scientific
article make a some qualitative description method. The analysis result is have 13 materie with food and drink theme and with using
speaking skills. After analysis with curriculum 2013 there are 2 materi is not accoradance with curriculum 2013 is curriculum 4.2.4
wich should in curriculum there is a discourse have the shape of table with containing daily necessities and a price list while in materie
4.2.4 in this discourse for the item are mentioned and for the prices not mentioned and not in form table. Materie 4.2.8 question and
answer is not accordance with curriculum 2013, which should be in curriculum is “was möchten Sie?” “ich hӓtte gern Kartoffeln”
while in materie 4.2.8 is “was möchten Sie?” “ichmöchte 1 Kilo Bohnen”. There are some verbs in curriculum 2013 but not in the
deutschisteinfach 2 book like a Bestellen, Brauchen, und Lesen and the are some adverb of time in curriculum 2013 but not in the dein
the Deutsch istEinfach 2 book like an Abends. but from this findings the materials still can use. can be concluded that Deutsch
istEinfach 2 book accoradance with curricule 2013 and can be used in a German learning with food and drink thema, with speaking

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