Kesesuaian Materi Buku Almanya 2 Dengan Kurikulum 2013 Dalam Keterampilan Menulis Bahasa Jerman Tema Familie Kelas XI Semester Gasal

  • Amalia Putri Perdana Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Suwarno Imam Samsul Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Writing skill is one of the skills that must be mastered in language learning. Of course, this writing skill cannot
be done easily, it takes writing practice so that the results obtained are satisfactory. Writing skills are also
applied to learning German. Talking about the teaching process in learning, of course, cannot be separated from
textbooks that refer to the 2013 curriculum and have been set by the Ministry of Education and Culture. One of
E-Journal Laterne, Volume 11, Nomor2 , Tahun 2022
the textbooks used in learning German at SMA N 1 Tarik Sidoarjo is the book Almanya 2. This study discusses
the suitability of textbooks with the applicable Kurikulum 2013. However, it is not only the Kurikulum 2013
that is used to examine the suitability of the textbooks in Almanya 2. Other supports are included so that the
textbooks are said to be appropriate and appropriate. As stated by Muslich, an educational figure said that there
are 3 conditions for the indicator to be declared appropriate or not the textbook used. The indicators expressed
by (Muslich,2010:292-295) are as follows, 1) core competencies (KI) and basic competencies (KD), which are
described and must contain the syllabus of the subject in question, 2) appropriate material content, 3)
supporting documents such as language suitability at the appropriate level, good language communication,
response to the use of language needs to be prioritized in the student's line of thought. The indicators that have
been stated by Muslich serve as a reference for the feasibility of textbooks that are brought and used in research
instruments. The purpose of this article is to determine the suitability of the Familie theme material in the
Almanya 2 textbook to the Kurikulum 2013 for class XI odd semesters. This study uses a descriptive
qualitative approach by taking data sources from the book Almanya 2. The data taken are practice questions
related to family themes, various forms of practice questions are presented, such as short answers, essays,
true/false and matching the right words in a sentence. as well as stories. The number of practice questions
presented is 11 practice questions. From the results of the study using the suitability criteria in the Muslich
indicator, namely with the appropriate requirements as a textbook, it has been found that 4 Almanya books are
worthy of being said to be textbooks, and 1 criteria that are not in accordance with the Muslich indicators. Then
for the feasibility test of the practice questions in the Almanya book with the Kurikulum 2013, it was found
that there were 7 practice questions with results in accordance with the Kurikulum 2013, 1 practice questions
were not in accordance with the Kurikulum 2013, and 2 practice questions did not match the Kurikulum 2013.

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