Pemberantasan PKI Di Kediri ( 1966 – 1968 )

  • Dhany T Saputra Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Sumarno Sumarno Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Remnants of the Communist Party that joined ACOMA (Youth Communist Movement) made a showoff to attract more masses for the 1955 election. The one who came out to attract more affiliators is Dipa Nusantara Aidit. He comes from remains youth figures who joins the proclamation in 1945, 10 years earlier. In early 60s, Communist party became the 3rd biggest communist party in the world following Soviet Union and Peoples Republic of China, with about a half milion followers all over Indonesia. At this time, Soekarno as the president introducing the NASAKOM propaganda, which stands for Nationalist, Religion, and Communist. But, in the late 1965 a coup that resulted the eradication of the communist party happened. This eradication was ordered troughout Indonesia. Their followers are murdered and their leader executed. This led Indonesia to the new regime, called New Order. In Kediri, during Eradication of the communist party there are much witnesses to talk, but they won’t introduce their names publicly due to the psychological trauma. The result from this research is the society led to made a mass genocide to make sure the parliamentary decree of abolition of the communist party did not lead to a new movement in future.