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The existence of supporters in the world of football is an important and vital part of a football club. The role of supporters in supporting their proud team is like stamps and letterheads that always go hand in hand with their existence. What doll comes to mind or crosses your mind about this name? Of course, there will be many meanings popping up in your mind about the word "Bonek", a word that refers to the name of a group of Persebaya Surabaya supporters. One of the legendary clubs in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial era. Bonek is often defined or referred to as a group of football fans who always behave aggressively and negatively. But did you know that Bonek is the first group of supporters in Indonesia that is well coordinated in providing support to the team they support, Persebaya Surabaya. As an identity for a group of supporters that attracts attention, Bonek's behavior is seen as something that has a high news value by the mass media so that it can increase the rating value of a television station. If traced from its historical story, Bonek is actually a group of football fans in Indonesia who first experienced modernization when they flocked to the stadium. As time goes on and this historical era begins to be forgotten and not many people know about the story and in fact most people only know from the side of Bonek's negative behavior that is often attached to them. With the passage of time, until now Bonek is still improving in how to support his pride club Persebaya Surabaya. This research uses heuristic, critique, interpretation, and historiography historical research methods. To support thisresearch, researchers will use an approach using the theory of Linear Change proposed by Emile Durkheim, where in this theory Durkheim explains the changes that occur in society experienced by humans from a life that emphasizes uniformity to a society that emphasizes individual differences. This research is: 1.) To analyze the form of Bonek's fanaticism in supporting Persebaya in 2000-2019? 2.) To describe what factors influence Bonek's behavior change in supporting Persebaya in 2000-2019?. Bonek itself in its journey from time to time increasingly shows significant changes towards a better direction than the past five years. Currently, Bonek's behavior in supporting his pride, Persebaya Surabaya, is more organized and conducive to his journey.

Keywords : Bonek, Fanaticism, Supporters, and Persebaya Surabaya