• Nurdina Annisa' Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Public transportation is a place that is widely used by the community to meet the community's need for a means that can transport, deliver and carry them to move from one place to another. The existence of public transportation facilities for civil society really helps them in carrying out their daily mobility in meeting the needs of life, one of which is rural public transportation for people in Jombang district. The development of an increasingly modern society raises the dynamics in the existence of rural public transportation in Jombang district. With the modernization of society, a pattern has emerged where the personal needs of the community are more important than the common needs. It is proven by the growing development of Jombang Regency as a modern and advanced area, making the people of Jombang no longer use rural public transportation services as their means of transportation. The increasingly stable economic conditions have made many people prefer to have private vehicles that are more accessible and flexible. As a result, the longer the existence of rural public transportation in Jombang district is decreasing and its existence is threatened with extinction. The aims of this study are, 1) To know the dynamics of the development of rural public transportation in Jombang Regency from 1990-2017. 2) Analyzing changes in the pattern of people's lives in Jombang district from civil society to modern society. 3) Analyzing the decreasing interest of the people of Jombang in the declining existence of rural public transportation. This research uses heuristic, critique, interpretation and historiography historical research methods. Data collection from this research was obtained from data from the Jombang district transportation office, but the data obtained was only data on the number of rural publictransportation fleets in 2017. To complete the lack of sources, interviews were conducted on oral sources related to the existence of rural public transportation in Jombang district. , and also distributed questionnaires to users of rural public transport services. From the data obtained facts that explain that the dynamics of the existence of rural public transportation in Jombang Regency are influenced by a decrease in the interest of the Jombang community in using public transportation which occurs due to the modernization factor that supports people to move individually and no longer attaches importance to common needs.

Keywords: Rural public transportation, Jombang district, interests, dynamics, social change