• Nur Fitri As Sajdah Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Artono Artono Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


On August 17th, 1945 Indonesia Proclaimed Its Independence, this indicates that a new country has been born named Indonesia. The proclamation of independence does not mean that the new State is free from colonialism. Indonesia's independence was again shaken by the arrival of allied troops who were driven by the NICA. NICA was a government formed by the Dutch with an economic azas. The Dutch argued that Indonesia would never be biased to rise up or stand without their help, which is why the Dutch tried to regain control of Indonesia. The arrival of allied forces and NICA led to a major battle in Surabaya. There are many brave dead marches who fight to defend the city of Surabaya from being captured by the allies. This is inseparable from the role of the scholars who encourage the students and their followers to fight in protecting and defending the sovereignty of the country by igniting the spirit of jihad in strengthening the independence of the country. Among them are KH Achyat Chalimy, KH. Mochmmad Nawawi, all of whom are scholars from Mojokerto City who played an active role in the establishment of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Based on this, this research formulates the following problems (1) what was the role of Mojokerto ulema in the battle of November 10th, 1945? (2) What was the role of the Mojokerto ulema after the battle of November 10th, 1945?. This research is arranged in the form of written text, so the paradigm used is based on qualitative research. Qualitative research in this paper focuses on the process of deductive analysis method. Therefore, qualitative research is a procedure that produces descriptive data in the form of written texts from people whosebehavior or thoughts can be observed. This approach is directed at the background and the individual as a whole (holistic). These people and behaviors can also be written text. While the steps used are as follows: research paradigm, research type, approach, data sources, data collection, data validity and finally data analysis. The results of this study centered on the role of K.H. Achyat Halimy and K.H. Mohammad Nawawi in the battle of November 10th, 1945. The role of KH Achyat Halimy was to establish the Mojokerto hizbullah lazkar, to lead the defense line of Mojokerto, and to continue to lead the sabilillah and Hizbullah troops after the November 10th, 1945 battle. KH Mohammad Nawawi's role was to be involved in the formation of maps in Mojokerto, Initiated the establishment of a branch of Nahdlatul Ulama in the city of Mojokerto, initiated the establishment of Lazkar Hizbullah in the city of Mojokerto, and a leader in every battle.
Keywords: Ulama, struggle, Independence, battle of November 10th,1945