• David Sugianto Putra Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Sumarno Sumarno Jurusan Pendidikan Sejarah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


The Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School is a boarding school located in the village of Bandar Kidul, the city of Kediri. Although at the beginning of the establishment of this cottage, it was only marked by the presence of a prayer room or the surrounding community was more familiar with the term langgar angkring. Until in the end this cottage underwent changes by continuing to carry out an education system that was still firmly adhered to, namely the classical education pattern. By explaining how the background of the establishment of Islamic boarding schools, how the process of educational development and also the educational model used in Islamic boarding schools as a formulation of the problem to be taken, so that it is interesting to study further about what forms of change have occurred while continuing to implement the patterns that have been developed. long. This study uses historical research methods consisting of Heuristics, Criticism, Interpretation, and Historiography. The sources used are oral sources obtained from interviews with historical actors, written sources, and also other sources in the form of photos of events. Based on the results of this study, there are several patterns of change ranging from changing policies made by Islamic boarding schools to changing the management of Islamic boarding schools which later this change brings the boarding schools to patterns of change that support the development of Islamic boarding schools.
The Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School is a boarding school founded by Kh Abu Bakar who is an expert in the science of Falaq, making it an important capital in establishing Salafiyah Islamic Boarding Schools. In 1949 the son of kh Abu Bakar, namely kh Abdul Djalil as the next generation succeeded in building public sympathy for caring for Islamic boarding schools, until finally kh Abdul Djalil managed to hold a public recitation which was held every Thursday and is still ongoing today. This recitation assembly is a source of knowledge for the general public, especially in the village of Bandar Kidul Kediri. The Islamic boarding school has succeeded in building the Raudlotul Mubtadi Madrasa which is proof that the Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School is able to survive until now. Currently, many pesantren have opened schools/madrasas. However, there are concerns that if you only receive religious education, you will not be able to keep up with existing developments
Keywords: Islamic boarding schools