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Learning is a series of activities of observing, reading, imitating, trying something, listening, and following certain directions. Meanwhile, learning itself is a learning activity or a process of gaining knowledge which is usually carried out by educators or teachers to help carry out teaching and learning activities. Formal teaching and learning activities are carried out in schools by teachers, but so far the learning design and delivery methods have not been able to increase students'understanding of historical material. Understanding here means that students are able to understand and can see various aspects to explain the material received. Then, to improve understanding of historical material II, this is done by implementing synectics cooperative learning with historical photo media, where by carrying out synectics cooperative learning, students will be more active by channeling their various thoughts with group friends who may have different views and understandings from the other side. With the help of historical photos, students will understand and understand the meaning directly, as well as providing evidence and illustrations. According to researchers, the application of the synectics cooperative learning model with historical photo media has a strong relationship between variables, namely there is increased understanding during problem solving and increased activeness during the learning process. The research method used is experimental, namely pre-experimental with a quantitative approach. The population in this study were class XI IPS students at SMA Negeri 17 Surabaya, namely 108 students from the class. This research uses a sampling technique, namely Nonprobability Sampling with a Purposive Sampling model, where classes are chosen randomly according to time and suggestions from school supervisors or teachers, namely class Students are assigned as observers to help assess other students who are working on LKPD with various provisions that have been made. The tests tested were the scores from the LKPD results and also individual student observation sheets to assess the synectics cooperative learning model, as well as student questionnaire sheets. Then various assessment tests were carried out which resulted in the two variables having a strong relationship with each other in increasing understanding of history learning material. Keywords: Historical Photos, Synectics Cooperative Learning Model, Increasing Understanding Of Material

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