Penerapan Metode Scramble Terhadap Kemampuan Menyusun Kalimat Anak Tunarungu Kelas V SDLB



Sentence arrangement skill is a skill in arranging or writing words which will be a structured sentence in form of SVO/SVOA (SPO/SPOK), so the sentence is well structured and easy to be understood by others. If the difficulty in arranging the sentence is not well handled, it will give impact that the message is hard to be understood by normal people. Deaf children are those ones who lack or loss of hearing sense caused by damaged or dysfunctional in a part or all of hearing organs in order to he/she has difficulty in his/her language development. The objective of the research is to investigate whether there is effect in applying Scramble method towards sentence arrangement skill of deaf children at class V SDLB-B Dharma WanitaSidoarjo or not.
This research is an experimental research. The term that used was 8 meetings with 6 interventions. Research design used by researcher was one group pre-test post-test design, with the subjects of 6 children. The data collection was done by test and documentation. In data analysis was statistic non parametric by using sign test formula. The result of the research showed that there is an improvement in their sentence arrangement skill, when in pre-test, the score is 69,16 and 94,16after post-test.
From the research result, it had been analyzed by using Z-test. Then the researcher obtained the data Zh = 2,05> Z table = 1,96 in a level of significance 5% (two tale test). So, it can be concluded that there is significant effect in using Scramble method towards sentence arrangement skill of deaf children at class V in SDLB-B Dharma WanitaSidoarjo.
Keywords: Sramble Method, Sentence arrangement skill

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