Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Articulate Storyline Pada Materi Mengubah Bentuk Energi Kelas IV Sekolah Dasar

  • salsabila savitri walidah Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Based on observations at SDN Sawahan IV Surabaya, the science learning process, especially the material for changing energy forms when learning is carried out, still uses book, video or PPT learning media so that students will get bored and do not understand the material. Therefore, to help students understand the material, change form of energy, we need a learning media that is able to encourage students to participate actively and interactively. The purpose of this research is to develop interactive media Articulate Storyline material to transform a feasible form of energy based on the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of the media. So as to improve student learning outcomes make students more easily understand the material.

This research is a type of development research or in other terms it is called Research and Development (R&D) using the Borg and Gall model which has been adapted by Sugiyono. This research is limited to only 8 stages, namely, potentials and problems, data collection, product design, design validation, product revision, product trial, product revision, and trial use

Media validity is known from media validation which obtains a percentage of 100% with very valid criteria, and 91.42% material validation with very valid criteria. Practicality is known from the results of student responses to obtain a percentage of 88.18% with very practical criteria in product trials. Then in the use trial, the results of student responses obtained a percentage of 93.8% with very practical criteria. Thus, the material Articulate Storyline media changes the form of energy that is suitable for use.

Keywords: Media development, Media Articulate Storyline, Interactive, changing the form of energy


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