The Process of Relations between Quadrilaterals’ Construction Based on APOS Theory Assisted by GeoGebra Software

  • Shelvi Magreta Hermawan Universitas Negeri Surabaya
  • Abdul Haris Rosyidi Universitas Negeri Surabaya


Students' low understanding of relations between quadrilaterals indicates a problem in the construction process of quadrilateral concepts. The construction process of students can be assisted by the application of APOS theory in geometry, besides that it can develop abstract geometry knowledge through the use of appropriate geometry representations. Some studies don’t involve technology in the construction process, which makes researchers interested in implementing GeoGebra software. This research is qualitative research that aims to reveal the students'
construction process about relations between quadrilateral assisted by GeoGebra. The subjects of this study were three 8th-grade SMP Negeri 1 Tuban. To reveal the students' construction process regarding the relations between quadrilateral, the researcher made a knowledge test, construction test, and conducted interviews for students with poor, intermediate, and high knowledge improvement. The results of this study revealed that with the help of GeoGebra (1) the subject is able to determine the characteristics of each quadrilateral in a more complex manner and specializes the quadrilaterals, (2) the subject is able to determine several quadrilateral relations but the subject has not been able to use the ability to classify quadrilaterals. There are obstacles faced by the subject such as lack of subject ability and limited time when processing GeoGebra.

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