Author Guidlines

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In order for article manuscripts to be published in this journal, the authors need to pay attention to the following guidelines:

  1. Articles submitted must be articles that have never been published or submitted for publication anywhere.
  2. All submitted articles can be written in Indonesian.
  3. Manuscripts are typed in Ms.Word format on A-4 paper with a minimum length of 7 pages and a maximum of 17 pages.
  4. Article submissions are made via the page
  5. Articles published in this journal include articles on research results or conceptual articles/Library Studies
  6. Manuscripts are typed with due observance of the rules regarding the use of standard language, punctuation and spelling based on the Enhanced Indonesian Spelling Guidelines.
  7. The systematics of writing an article script are as follows:

Research Title

The title is written clearly, unambiguously and identifies the content of the article. The title format uses Times New Roman 12 Bold, Centered Alignment and is written in all capital letters. Single line spacing with 0 pt before and 12 pt after spacing.

Author Name and Author Affiliation

Write the Author's name without title and academic degree. If there is more than one author then write all the names of the authors. Affiliations include: university name, and author email address. Indicate the corresponding author (including email address) by adding an asterisk (*) after the author's name.

Author's name is written under the title with font size Times New Roman 11 pt Centered Alignment with a distance of 0 pts before and 0 pts after with a space of 1

The author's affiliation is indicated in numerical order under the author's name, with font size Times New Roman 10 pt Centered Alignment with 1 space.

Correspondence address (email address) written under the author's affiliation with font size Times New Roman 10 pt Centered Alignment with 1 space


Abstract is written in Indonesian and English which contains the main issues, research objectives, methods or approaches and results of activities, abstract is written in one paragraph, the maximum number of words is 250, contains: background, purpose, method research, results and conclusions. Written using Times New Roman 10 font, single spaced, and abstract in English written in italics (italics).


A maximum of 5 keywords in English that have a clear and distinctive meaning. Keywords are separated by a semicolon (;)


In general, the introduction presents the background for choosing the theme or title of the article, the significance of the discussion in this article and the systematics of the article in general. Written with 11 Times New Roman letters, left and right aligned, spaced 1.

Research methods

The research method describes the type of research, the method of data acquisition and data analysis. In the research method, it is not necessary to include the definition of the assumption test used.

Results and Discussion

This section presents the research results and a discussion of the research results. Various theoretical and practical implications should be presented here.


This section presents the conclusions of the study, the limitations of the study, and the agenda for future research.


Writing bibliography refers to the APA style (, where the writing order is alphabetical. Only references cited or presented in in-text citation are mentioned in the bibliography. Bibliography should be written with the help of reference software (Mendeley, End Note, Zotero, etc.). The minimum number of research papers is 20 libraries and is published in the last 10 years.

Husnan, S.  (1994). Dasar-dasar Teori Portofolio dan Analisis Sekuritas.  Yogyakarta: UPP-AMP YKPN.

Schein, E.G.  (2009). The Corporate Culture Survival Guide. San Fransisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

Shaw, T.N. (2008). A Discriminant Model for Assessment of Prospective Entrepreneurs for Financing and Success of Entrepreneurial Venture. Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. 4(1): 69-82

The rules for writing a bibliography from the website are as follows.

If there is the author's name.

Writer. (Year). Article Title/ Data. Link.


Supriyatna, Iwan. (2017). Infrastruktur Jadi Katalisator Utama Permintaan Beton Precast.

If there is no author's name

Websites. (Year). Article Title. Link.

Example: (2017). Visi Misi McDonalds.

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